We are a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In this outfit, Mike Behrends takes the storytelling craft he's honed over numerous solo records and matches it with the haunting voice of Cecelia Erholtz (Chants & Seas), the catchy drums of Matt Wulff (Fever in the Ox), the keyboard sounds of Jon Klocek (Fever in the Ox, Goosebumps), and the melodic bass playing of Jordan Skophammer (Houndsteeth, Mustache Envy).

We play shows around the Upper Midwest. Sometimes it's the whole band. Sometimes it's just Mike. Our first release is a 7" EP called Out-of-doors. OUT RIGHT NOW on Folkmonger Records.

Mike Behrends - guitars, singing
Cecelia Erholtz - singing
Jon Klocek - keyboard, organ
Jordan Skophammer - bass
Matt Wulff - drums, percussion


"Out-of-Doors"-7" Vinyl (2013)