Bear Number 141

Bear Number 141


Southern Rock influence harcore band from Philadelphia, looking to play for anywhere for anyone who is interested. Trying to to show that there is hope for good thought out energetic music still.


Southern rock influenced modern harcore band from Philadelphia. Coming from a town that will throw snowballs at Santa Clause. One can only imagine how critical this city is on their music.

However we take that as a good way to test our music on people who are no so open minded. We put on an energetic live show for anyone who is there to listen and enjoy.

Our music has a blend of aggresiveness and technical guitar playing ability. We try to get the crowd as excited about our music as we are.


CD waiting to be relased.

Set List

8-10 songs. No covers. Set runs typically 30-40 mins. with short breaks between songs.

1. F**k This Lets Get Naked
2. The M.P.S.
3. I Love You More Than Breakdowns
4. The Cat and The Raven
5. The Party Bible
6. Land of the Rising Fun
7. Technicolor Yawn
8. Call Me Hellen Keller Cause I'm A F***ing Mircale Worker
9. Do Work
10. Untitled