Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

Owner of Amsterdam based and upcoming label NON Records, Bear, is also a great musician, bringing funkfilled disco-electro with a clear pop-structure. His livesets are true futuristic experience, bringing visuals and audio together in a high-paced omni-experience.



Next to running his upcoming label NON Records, Bear also produces somewhat hard to categorize, but formemost juicy and electromagnetic funk.

Sometimes more electro than funk, sometimes more shambolic
and chaotic, claiming he is often devoured by lovesickness
or a 'shambolicious' feeling of irrelevance, this can well be found in some of his more, characteristic work (Pantheons).

While wielding pop cliches, Bear's electrifying sounds maintain
toasted and burned before they end up in a track. Next to late 60's and early 80's funk and disco, luxurious environments and artifacts of modern pop culture also seem to serve as an inspiring source in the process of generating lyrics and grooves.

With an old school workflow, the warmth of paradisal studios remains, still, modern concepts make their swim through his music.

After 'Gulfstream' E.P. including the hit 'International Love', Bear stepped back and is currently spending more time running NON Records, with breakthrough artist "Palmbomen". Still he is always on a mission to reinvent his sound and live performance and a new E.P. is about to be released December '10 or January '11.

Bear is available for DJ sets and live sets.

Bear DJ set:


Gulfstream (EP)
February 2011 (EP)