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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Your Moustache""

"Bearries are a Chicago trio that bang out sum pretty chaotic analog sounds." -

""Hipster Frenzy""

"These guys have really gotten to play all over the US. They put out much work. Look out for them people!" -


"Bearries, a Chicagan duo experiments with some hippin’ beats that will keep you hitting the dance floor all night. Check it!" -

""Rise & Resist""

"At this time of the week you may begin to wonder “what’s going on this weekend?”
I’ll tell you what.
Bearries of Chicago are playing at The Monolith this Friday! These guys remind me of “Homework” style Daft Punk which is enough said for me. Word is they put on a pretty wicked live show, so anyone with an open schedule Friday night here in Tulsa should come check the show out.

Bearries are on tour right now, so check out their myspace for tour dates. -

""Nerdy Frames""

"Bearries, a live electronic trio from Chicago dropped some sonic rave love child with some demos of theirs for our lovely readers to indulge and aurally savor. I mean if this is whats pumping out of the Windy C, then brother give me more. We've sent one of the boys off to get these tunes remastered, and cleaned up for our radio show, but they did leave some sample Demos for your Ipods, and by the looks of their small studio, there is alot of analogue fucking.
Speaking of fucking, there is this track of theirs called "Open House" that I'm throughly feeling right now! Its just hardcore synth-tastic madness with a headbutt inbetween your girlfriends

I'm spent, I love em...and if you love em, check out some tour dates" -

""Penned Madness""

"Bearries is a live electronic trio from Chicago. They consider themselves "House", but I think that is too narrow a description for their unique style.

If you combined the styles of Soulwax, Jefferson Airplane, MGMT, Daft Punk, Boys Noize, Tobacco, and Pink Floyd on a 3 day rave/meth binge, you would get Bearries." -


"Bearries is a three piece number from Chicago. These kids may not pack a bundle of impressive rendering techniques and post production know how, but they can make you fucking dance.

I really like the raw power that they give off, the crunchy offbeat shit always appealed to me more than over produced material. I think when a label finally figures out that these dudes deserve a spot that the quality of their work will improve and besides a means for decent recording methods, these dudes kill it. Check out there myspace!" -

""Cream Team""

There’s this group of kids out of Chicago leading a private revolt against neon and dance parties. They throw their events in illegal party spaces and aren’t afraid to thrash the system. They produce their music live, don’t use samples and aren’t “DJs”. Their music is minimal and dark, perfect for black eyeliner and disappearing into a K-Hole for the night. They are Black Metal but with synthesizers—I’ve named their genre and movement Black Techno. Bearries are at the forefront of this scene in Chicagoland. Despite the niche appeal of this genre, they are determined to bring Black Techno to the masses via the internet—and it seems to be catching on. With focused bodies hunched over their knobs and dials Bearries are spreading their niche sound to basements, lofts and art spaces everywhere from Chicago to Oklahoma to LA to Connecticut. Check out their exclusive track Magnetron and if you are in Chicago catch them on June 24 at OUTDANCED. -


Bearries, an experimental electro-dance outfit out of Chicago, make exciting live-electronics based music that is refreshing to the ear, and I can only imagine how they must sound live. Based on some of the footage and pictures I’ve seen on their Myspace page, I’m sure they put on a hell of a show.

There’s just something about seeing electronic musicians live on synths and drum machines, twiddling knobs and pushing buttons on actual pieces of equipment that make a performance that much better than just say, seeing someone in front of a glowing laptop like they’re checking mail in front of an audience (No disrespect to anyone btw, it’s just more fun watching shows when musicians use real music equipment!!!)

Bands of the past like Throbbing Gristle and Kraftwerk (both of which I’ve never seen, to my dismay) to newer acts like Wolf Eyes, Meat Beat Manifesto, Solvent, and Adult. (all of which I have seen) do this well, inviting the audience to a more intimate and personal performance with every sound they command out of their machines, and in a way it seems Bearries do this well too… if you ever get a chance to see them live, do so!

Here are two of their tracks, both almost around ten minutes each. These are amazing electronic excursions! Enjoy!



Currently there are no Bearries releases



Bearries is a live electronic based trio from the southside of Chicago.

We began making music in October 2007.
We began composing music in April 2008.
Since January 2009 we are no longer
recording "live takes"
Currently we are producing new music.

Bearries has also performed live with: Justice, So_Me, Danger, The Teenagers, Spitzer, Yelle, Don Rimini, Acid Girls, Excepter, Mixel Pixel.

Our Current Goals:
- Obtaining professional management
- Recording and releasing an album
- Sharing our music with the world