Bear's Acoustic Honey

Bear's Acoustic Honey


See, this music is, it takes you somewhere different altogether - it's like being out in the middle of nowhere, or nature, damn. It's like falling, knowing there's a safe landing at the bottom. The harmonica reminds me; along with the constant chatter of the crowd...of a carnival


BEAR Is known for networking with a diverse group of artists / musicians to help bring authentic and originally crafted music straight from the heart steeped in the traditional roots of all styles of American music. bear writes, arranges, sings, and plays a unique and original hybrid style of acoustic lead guitar, he also plays the harmonica. Using a boss loop station and some effect pedals he creates a full, rich, versatile and always enjoyable musical experience.

Being able to perfrom to a wide spectrum of audiences ranging from intimate solo shows in a small coffee house to "Gettin' it on" at the loud rowdy rock clubs and summer music festivals attended by thousands of listeners.

Sometimes a one man band using layering and looping to create a full, dynamic and original sound - sometimes joined by other musicians on Cello, Fiddle, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Saxaphone, Mandolin and banjo - it is an eclectic mix of folk, bluegrass, jazz, blues, funk, old school R&B, reggae and rock and what is now commonly refered as "jam band" - god only knows a definitive distinction of what that genre encompasses ;-)

BEAR says "I have always had music in my life and it has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Now, here I am, a seasoned by over 400 shows over the last several years - drawing on a lifetime of experience that I am ready to share in my music. I want to bring my life to you in song and let you do with it, what you will. My music comes from my heart and soul. Music is magic...and it can heal and fill your spirit...and that is why I play".

Last summer bear was selected from a pool of hundreds of regional artists to be one of the Twenty-five songwriters who took part in the 2006 Highway 61 Singer/Songwriter Contest. Each finalist was allowed to perform up to two original songs before a live audience and a panel of judges. The judges based their scores on the following categories: Creativity, Performance, Lyrical Content, Instrumental Ability, Listenability, and Northern Minnesota/Rural Appeal. Bear's song Wheels of Summer was selected to be included on the limited edition CD.

This summer bear returned again as the Emcee and "unoffical stage director" for the 2007 Grateful Garcia Gathering. He was stage manager and sound technician at this year's Feelgood Festival.

bear has performed at both as a solo act and with such notable musicians as Emiliy Mimier - Cello, Paul Daugherty - Saxaphone, Alex White- Bass, Erika Oberpriller rythym guitar / vocals / songwriter, Sean Sheil - Guitar / Songwriter, Claire and Kevin - Fiddle and and has shared the stage with many many others. including. The JGB, Sw3nS (Mike Swenson), Members of Gypsy Foot, Bettina, The Back Woods Critters, Brendan Flynn, Grateful Beth and the Volunteers, "Jersey" Joey Flynn, Mike Brumm, The Space Quakers, The Cedar Town Boys, Ultimate Frisbee and Luke Graner to just name a few.

He has performed as an opening / supporting or anchoring act with bands such as Baghdad Scuba Review, Barbershop Quartet, Boris Garcia, Cedar Town Boys, Chinese Fingertrap, Colin O'Brien, Delta Jets, Down-LO, .357 String Band, 3 Amigos, 56 Hope Rd, Analyrical, Ben Suchy, Big D, Bill Mike Band with Carnage, The Brian Bethke Band, Broken Billy, Boris Garcia, Chemistry, Clinton Miller, Covert Operations, The Crest, Defined Perception, Derek (formerly of Hooch), Desperate Otto's, Donnna Jean & The Tricksters, Downer's Grove, Down Lo, Down With Gravity, Dr. Didg, Dr. Kickbutt's Orchestra of Death, Dred I Dread, Duce Duce Entertainment, Eff'd Up, Elf Lettuce, Enchanted Ape, Enditol Rx, Fatdad, Fat Maw Rooney, Fancy Bastard, Frozen Tundra, Galynne Goodwill, God Johnson, Golden, Green Tea, Gyspyfoot, Heavy Water Radio, Hecatomb with Project 13, Heiruspecs, The Hill Climbers, The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Hyentyte, Ian Alexy, Ill Carnage & Desdamona, in the Attic, Irie Sol, I Self Devine , Jana Holland, Javier Trejo with members of New Primitives, Jimmy2times & Plain Ole Bill, Jive Bandits, Joe Craven, John Krueger Quartet, Leanne Perius, The LeveeMarques Bovre, , Kanser, The Lights Band, Lil' Rev, Loose Strings, King Tuesday, Magumbo, Mark Grundhoefer, Magic Mama, Mary Bue, meandyoucrew, Mike McAbee, Moon Alice, Moon Boot Posse, MoonDawg, The Moss Piglets, MWC, The Northern Drift, The Northwoods Band, One-Eyed Jack, Otis & the Alligators, OWI, Patchouli, Patrick Ryan Dub Trio, Pert Near Sandstone, The Quartet, Rachel Sedaka, Reptile Palace Orchestra, The Reverend Eddie Danger, Rootstand, Run Side Down, Sean Sheil and Claire Bear, Sloppy Joe, Smokey Bogart, Smokin' Bandits, Shawn Wolfe, Snopek, SpaceQuakers, Space Rangers, Sol Spectre, Stealin' Strings, Stephen Lee Rich, Supa Ranks, Teague Alexy, Teague Alexy and The Feelin' Band, Tech N9ne with Big Krizz Kaliko & Kutt Calhoun, TheLastHope, T.U.G.G., Twisted Linguistics, Unity the Band, Vinny Weible and the Hellhounds, (The CedarTown Boys),Waterband, Waters Bros & Casey Jones, WBPN, Weavils, Wicked Da


Spirit Cry

Written By: Bear Shipquist

Winds of change is blowin'
I seen a sidewinder
on a hot evening highway
I drink the morning sun
and stumble past steeples
where preachers lie awake
once I knew a girl
who caught the sunrise in her smile
but that was long ago
and lately she contented
to drift awhile

crystal river flowin'
she flows down to the sea
sometimes I get this feelin'
that flows right out of me
nothing sweeter than the sound
of a heart that's singing true
nothing I want better
than to make sweet love to you

maybe I'm forgetting
something I swore myself
I never would
and lately I can't tell
if its bad of if its good
so I'll keep laughing
and dancing like I'm free
I wanna be so low down
I can kiss the dawn

I got this friend
she sits around waiting to get lucky
as the whole damn world
passes in front of her nose
I wanna tell her
what I learned about luck is...
its easy come and easy go
I've wrestled with the angels
and I don't know how or why?
But I still hear the echoes
of when my poor sprirt cry
spirit cry

Road Song

Written By: bear shipquist

Daybreak on this lone highway grade/ Thinkin’ how we both feel the same.
Sunrise purple in the mountains / Whirlpools in the city fountains
Last Night Had it down to a “T” / Ghosts Keep haunting me
Lightning in the Montana sky / Rainbow brings tears to our eyes

Blacktop takes me further on down the line / I can hear the engine moanin’ out it’s lonely song
Who’s to say that love won’t rob you blind / All I know is this road just stretches on… Road song

Riddles like forgotten towns / heartaches like the rain fallin’ down
Water mirrors the crystal sky / Knowin’ can’t turn back the time
Love falls to pieces on the ground / Like sunlight shinnin’ softly down
Dreams captured in a spiders web / wind and mystic currents ebb


Last Night sleepin under stars / Dreamin the passin’ cars
Breeze blows through my driftin’ dreams / Like rainbows in the mountain streams
Eagles flyin’ in the sky / Sage brush memories never die
Road song wheels spinnin’ round / Road song, road song


Written By: bear shipquist

Down the Winding Trail, To the muddy river
Blue moonlight dances on the ripple waves
Play my guitar sweet, straight from my soul
My love rings true in each and every note I play

I still believe in love
That’s why I’m still singing here today
All and all of us can believe in love
Let love light the way to a brighter day

Dance mystic magic moon, Love like a river
Deep dark and muddy, ‘Neath the ripple waves
Kiss me sweet, straight to my soul
Eyes meet forever, then we walk away

First of June blooms a wildflower
Dancing softly sweet in fields of grass like ripple waves
Breeze blow free and clean straight through your soul
Love flow like honey, with your smile the world is graced

Bust out that wonderful smile we gonna take it easy for awhile
Feelgood song

Don’t lose faith, In the sacred power of love
Keep your hope afire, manifest your love today
Make each day the first of the rest of your life
Let love and beauty roll on you like a gentle wave

May your happiness grow like a river?
Swollen from melting ice and cleansing spring rains
May your heart be full of sunshine and spirit
Like an Amethyst crystal shine deep beneath the ripple waves


Essential Honey 2006
Long Cold Winter 2007

Set List

Wheels of Summer
Shakedown Street
Fire Fingers
Jester's Jig
Spirit Cry
Wildflower >
Ode to the Road >
Like Sunlight Holds a Tree
Into the Mystic
Last Light (on the Water)
1.5 hrs