Formed July 2010, Bearshark is a hardcore metal band residing in the south east coast of the US featuring former members of Dora Maar, The Full Body Karate, The Shootout and The Ruthless. The guys have shared a stage with some well known performers and are known for going postal live. They love their fans, cherish their friends and look forward to making more throughout their journey, feel free to reach out to them. They love airplay, compilations and reviews so if you’re putting something together be sure to include them.


Gotta Catch Em All

Written By: Jake O'Neal

Until my eyes shut
until you scream and cry
i wont be happy
until the day i die

i wont go alone
your blood will paint the walls
you better start running
soon you will not walk
your blood will paint the walls
piece by piece you will be gone

youll see my anger and my power
masked behind baby blue eyes
this right here is your final hour
this hole is your new home
trust me you wont go alone
only your god will see
ill let the maggots feed

i just want to be set free
you are all ive ever loved
a masterpiece at best
ill plant you with a rose
and everyday watch you grow