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Beastiality Boyz performances are always different, will leave you wondering what the hell is going on, and waiting for more. We strive to make your heart go pitter-patter, and your ears explode.


Beastiality Boyz have been considered one of the funniest and most controversial bands in the south east. With songs ranging from gangster hip-hop, black metal, r & b, and avante guarde, they have trampled the competition and embarrased spectators everywhere.

People are tired of the same old thing, and once ever so often a band comes along and offers something brand new to the table, that is what Beastiality Boyz accomplishes with ease.

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Written By: Matthew Daniels

thas' right
we back
'n we still
smoke crack
let the meth fall out the sky
like rain
no pain
cuz we still in this dope game
sorry nig'
i aint black
i got a big ol hairy sack uh
click clack yeah
pennies on the dolla' nigga
dick still ten inch bigger
tell yer mom i love her
and ill make it home in time for dinner

aww snap thunder clap bitches fallin' in my lap snuggle up to daddy and i might show you my treasure map we gon' dig up gold that them pirates hid then im gon' rob the fuckin daycare where you take yo kids im talkin' black market kid tradin' makein' the money we gon' sell em to child molesters aint that funny? yes it is now LAUGH or you gon' get hurt
im a geeked up dog fuckin' son of a jerk!
i got a loogie that could fill a lake, ALRIGHT! we gon' kick it like the eskimos TIGHT! shit whatchu doin' lata nigga? SHITE! aww snap then hail hitla ZIGHAIL! we got a fat ass money clip ROLLED UP! a raftacular typhoon flip SHO NUFF! like a hospital morphine drip FUCKED UP! and a generic hip hop quip GET BUCK!

all you crazy niggas throw yo hands up
cuz' the
beastiality boyz goin' bankrupt
every single one of our albums aint worth a fuck
cuz' we live by the rule that hip hop sucks
it dont take a shred of talent to be doin' this
its just about as easy as takin' a piss
hold on let loose here comes the juice
explodin all over yo' moms caboose

aww here it goes again dick swingin' in the wind take yo' fuckin' spinnin' rims and shove em' up yer rear end you godamn dick suckin' city boy, im tired o' listenin' to yo sissy footin' stories you need to grow up and face the real world get a job get a car get a big bootie girl! yep! but i dont wanna do all that dad! naw! i dont wanna be a part of no fad! all my friends at school say eminem rules and if i disagree i get kicked in the jewels! they got aluminum foil on their teeth its so neat! they put whoopie cushions down in my homeroom seat!
i got some tight nike sneakers dad! SUCKS! i got a blingin' lakers jersey pop! DUMB! i got madden 97 and i play it all day, throwin' touchdowns and hearin' john comment on my plays! GAY!

all you crazy bitches bounce yo tits around
we like dragonforce operation ground and pound
we like code motherfuckin' seven sod on the mound
we like to get drunk and pass out all over the ground
we dumb as hell but at least we be admittin' it yo'
you act like you aint never made no big mistakes though
like you perfect as hell, like yo dook dont smell
like you juke and jive and snook and wail

(ending verse)
gangsta licious gangsta bitches and we rollin with the top down (X2 before hydra comes in)


Masterbate Copy-Cat (2003)
Freshn' up yo Slice (2004)
Slicin' up yo Fresh (2005)
Klondark Bike Strength (2007)

Set List

I got anal warts from a clown
Crunk with Jesus
7 hours left to go
Dis fer all tha haterz
The funny things we say
The Streets
Slop Kunt