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Belly of the Beast I
Belly of the Beast II
Belly of the Beast III
Belly of the Beast IV
Belly of the Beast V
Belly of the Beast VI



Beast was born on the first of august 1983 in Vir.... Island,

Beast grew up in Rotterdam south, having some rough times. In these times he a had a chance to developing himself in a good way.

Beast fell in love with hip-hop 1996. Inspired by a track by `2pac dear momma`. This track meant a lot to him, he could feel the pain of the song, this was because he could relate to this.
Beast first started writing his own lyrics on age 15 and began taking free styling seriously on age 19. At age 15 he felt related to music, this was because he could express himself better this way. He was writing about his own life and he seen.
When he was 14 he came up the name BEAST. Inspired by the movie xmen. He looked up to this character because it had a strong mentality.
Shyrock from Postman gave me him the chance to expose himself as a artist, a man who was like a guardian for to him. Dj precise a well-known dj in the reggae scene gave him the first chance to mc en explore that was in club offcorso in Rotterdam. He learned beast how to focus in life and a lot of things in the music.

Beast began with open mic sessions in Rotterdam for fun. At that point on a young age he didn’t realize he had some good potential.
He could see that the crowd was really feeling the vibe in the club, at that moment i took rapping seriously. He had some messages to say to everyone and continued to do this.

Beast felt like he had more in himself, that’s the reason why he skills and move out of Rotterdam. He went to Heerlen and started to Mc in club Mondial and Peppermil. He went to club Mondial because this is the best RB and hip-hop club in the Netherlands where he had more chance.
By Mc’ing in this club he worked on his name trying to build on a well-known and respected name in the clubbing scene.

In 2007 beast dropped his first mixed tape Belly of the Beast. He worked on this project for a couple of months.
Day and night in the studio, to let everybody know what he had in him. This mix tape went like a train. Tracks on this mix tape are being used in different countries.
His hard work paid off.