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"CD Review for "The Sharpest Spires""

Beast With 2 Backs
The Sharpest Spires
7 songs

Beast With 2 Backs is, aside from a Shakespearean reference to sexual intercourse (from Othello, in case anyone’s curious), a man who refers to himself as Temple and a woman known as DJ Swan. Together, the two produce music that’s sort of techno (DJ Swan “plays” the laptop for beat mixing), sort of hip-hop, sort of Euro-industrial, definitely rock (it’s got guitars and feedback) and really, really interesting. Somehow, they put all these elements together and come up with some very different, yet accessible, sounds. Their lyrics can be poetic and cryptic (“Snap before you fluff my lady, snap before you fluff”), and the songs can be fun and danceable as with the guaranteed-to-get-you-moving, almost techno Talking Heads-ish “Pharmacy of Self-Esteem.” Temple’s voice in this wry commentary about mood-altering pharmaceuticals reminds me of David Byrne. In other songs, like the more haunting and poetically political “Hungry Brother,” his vocals are somewhat operatic and distant. Each song has a different mood and there is sonically something new to discover during each listen. The lyrics keep the mind occupied while the sound takes the soul on a journey. There is nothing boring here. The production, by the way, is outstanding. I am captivated. (Robin Umbley) - Boston's "The Noise"


The new singles, "Army Red Rose" and "God Is An Alleycat Gambling Fiend" are available for download from dozens of online retailer including iTunes, Rhapsody, and MusicMatch.
Beastwith2Backs debut album, "The Sharpest Spires" is now available at every online retailer. Beastwith2Backs' new single, "Educate Your Body," is also available at Itunes. to hear cuts from "MonsterTruck in China" I and II. Additional film and television material can be found at



Beastwith2Backs, Boston's groundbreaking Dance-Rock duo features guitarist/vocalist Temple and laptop beat-mixing pioneer DJ Swan. The duo met in late 2005 while Temple was on tour in China as a solo act.
In 2006, the band released their debut album (see review) and did a national radio campaign, receiving significant play for 2 of their singles. They were subsequently hired to compose the soundtrack for a major film, "Flying Downhill" (the Bode Miller story). After contributing 18 tracks to the film, the band continued touring and recorded their hit single, "Educate Your Body." In August 2006, they filmed a music video for "Educate Your Body" (now 50,000 + views on YouTube). In just 6 months, the band has received more than 50, 000 plays on their myspace page and added more than 12,000 fans. In September 2006, the band launched their 2006 China Tour. Beastwith2Backs just finished the final leg of their 5-month China tour which took them to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu among others. On July 7th, 2007, the band released the first single from their new album, "God Is An Alleycat Gambling Fiend". Along with the new single, the band released a music video with footage from their 2007 China Tour (see EPK for music video). The new album is called, "The Everlasting Album" and will be released one song at a time, on the 7th of every month, forever. And Ever. Next up: "Song for Dead Soldiers" on October 7th. Stay tuned!

Soundtrack Work:
The duo collaborated extensively on the soundtrack for "Flying Downhill," the Bode Miller bio-pic ( Ultimately, the band licensed 18 original tracks to the film, 2 from their debut album, 1 from their upcoming album, and several tracks from Temple's solo material.

**All Beastwith2Backs endeavors are 100% DIY. The band self-records, promotes, books, manages, and finances all it's activites.