Beatbeat Whisper

Beatbeat Whisper


Beatbeat Whisper is Ayla and Davyd Nereo, sibling singer-songwriters creating folk-inspired classical-minded arrangements, vivid lyrics, and delicate harmonies woven with two strings of voice.


"If hummingbirds made music, this is what they'd sound like." (Richard Rice, San Francisco Folk Festival)

Beatbeat Whisper is Ayla and Davyd Nereo, sibling singer-songwriters. Playing more instruments than most bands, the duo hails from the hills of Sonoma County, California. Touched with chords of bluegrass, traditional folk, rock, classical, and pirate shanties, their sound alternates between ethereal and upbeat, as they weave vivid lyrics into delicate vocal harmonies.

Ayla and Davyd began making music in childhood, playing along to notes of raindrops and sounds of local folk musicians. Influenced by classical piano sonatas, Cat Stevens, and the Holy Modal Rounders, they started writing their own music at an early age, and in high school and college began performing.

Then, in March 2006, their song, "Try not to let the rain in your boots, child," was chosen to be on the compilation Stanford Soundtrack 2006. In July 2006 their song, "Little Window Open Up" was featured on the compilation, Sounds of West Sonoma County, and they were picked once again for the Stanford Soundtrack in March 2007 for their song, "Lulu."
They have interviewed and performed live in-studio with KZSU 90.1 FM (August 2006), KZSC 88.1 FM (October 2006), and KDVS "Cool As Folk" show (March 2007). Their songs have been repeatedly aired on these radio stations, and will soon be on KUCI, KCSB, and KCPR.

Beatbeat Whisper has self-released a 10-track disk, is currently recording another full-length album, and is beginning work on two more EPs. Davyd and Ayla each have individual albums as well. They will be touring California in May, and have just finished their first music video. Their future plans include an illustrated book, an East Coast tour, and projects that help foster more collaboration among musicians, artists, and media to raise consciousness, awareness, and compassion.


Don't let it pass you by

Written By: Davyd Nereo

On a story told passing through the ancient doors
A quiet whisper winds it's way from ear to ear and it flies forever
But if it all goes along this old path so walked
Then stay a while or come and have a drink with me

From far away the distant shapes
Celebrate the rain
In memories of misty golden braids, but be not afraid, stay awake
Do it right, share in light, start tonight, don't ever let it pass you by
Tonight, tonight, tonight don't let it pass you by
Don't ever let it pass you by
Tonight, tonight, tonight don't let it pass you by
Don't ever let it pass you by

Mixed up meaning window for a shooting star it's there to see
All of the willing cards have all been dealt out now and passed around, but
Seven miles overpassed, just to see a man turn green
With a little take a lot or sit and drink with me



Written By: Ayla Nereo

Lulu lived her life like a child
wrapped up in arms that she kept all around her
then one day she passed by a man
who smiled as she held out her hand to him

And he said, “that’s very nice
but no thank you, I’m doing fine
all alone here, doing fine
on my own here.”
And she looked into his eyes for that lonely part
but no, he wasn’t lonely,
just alone
and as she turned and walked away she wondered, “maybe I can change that way.”

Lulu she packed up her bag
opened the door and tipped her hat to him
then she said, “ah my dear, I’m so scared, I can’t bear to sail this ship on my own.
I need some sign ‘long the way,
I need someone to hold my hand
to point me where I should be goin’.”

As he turned and walked away
she was looking at his face
she was waiting for him to stay
to turn back to the place they knew
And she looked into his eyes,
he said, “goodbye, now you’re alone
but don’t feel lonely on your own
across the sea I’ll still be near to you.”

A hundred days ‘cross the sea she was gone
she walked by herself to search for her home
she walked by herself till one day a boy caught up to her side
he held out his hand but she shook her head and just smiled (she smiled, she smiled...)

And she said, “that’s very nice
but no thank you, I’m doing fine
all alone here, doing fine
on my own here.”
And he looked into her eyes for that lonely part
but no, she wasn’t lonely,
just alone
and as he turned and walked away he wondered, “maybe I can change that way.”

Door to Door

Written By: Davyd Nereo

When do the windows glow
And the farmers keep their faces clear
Can you see their eyes from here?

Sitting room for blinking youth un-
Prepared for a channel change away changing
Way too late
Soaking coverage up to ears and
Sewing seeds of research answers gained
Youthful eyes roving wide out in the world

Bills flutter to the floor
Politicians spread them out so thin
All we want is peace led children

Pork rinds barreled inside sterile
Propositions so that we can change
But we stay the same
We half laughed while looking back to
Times when the insane were restrained
With the crazies put away not runnin' the world

So I'm going door to door
To meet all the real citizens
And learn their true opinions

Voices muted choices split in
Twos that we can't ever understand
And they rule the land
Homeland families wearing 'jammies
Watching censored news so they can learn
When it's their brother’s turn to die out in the world


"Beatbeat Whisper" - full-length album, self-released - 2006
"Play me a time" (Ayla Nereo) - full-length album, self-released - 2005
"The things we know how to love" (Davyd Nereo) - full-length album, self-released - 2007

"Lulu" - (Repeatedly) - KDVS, KZSU - online at,,
"Don't let it pass you by" - KZSU, KZSC, KDVS - online at,,
"Old River" - KZSU, KZSC
"Three long afternoons" - KZSU, KZSC
"Try not to let the rain in your boots, child" - KZSU
"The Whistler" - KZSU
"Little window open up" - KDVS, KZSU, KZSC
"The cowboy's lament" - KZSC

Set List

Full set list:
1. Don't let it pass you by (kalimba, guitar, tambourine)
2. Door to door (mandolin, piano)
3. Cowboy's lament (guitar, mandolin)
4. Try not to let the rain in your boots, child (piano, guitar, tambourines, shakers)
5.  Hollows cove (acoustic and classical guitars)
6. Three long afternoons (acoustic and classical guitars)
7. Up the long tracks (acoustic guitar)
8. Lulu (acoustic and electric guitars)
9. I think it might rain, hate to say it (classical guitar, shakers, electric guitar)
10. Eager Eyes (strumstick, electric guitar)
11. Little Window (acoustic guitar)
12. Old River (acoustic and classical guitars)
13. Swell & Still (guitar, drum, piano)
14. How the feelings count (guitar, kalimba, piano)
15. I brought wine (piano, guitar)
16. Tenessee (slide guitar, acoustic guitar)
17. The whistler (acoustic guitar, harmonica, shaker)
18. Thank you ma'am (guitar, tambourine)
19. Mismanaged skies (guitar, tambourine)
20. Robinson (drum, acoustic guitar