Beat Express

Beat Express


Beat Express is a rock band. They write songs that make you sing and boogie along. They dream, work hard, fight and love music. Like any other band really.
Only little difference is that each member of Beat Express has a learning disability.

Rock On Peace Out!


Beat Express know how to get people dancing and their impressive live performances are always incredibly tight. The songs they write like Stress and Stand Up, are about their experiences – detailing their lives as learning disabled musicians, showing insight to the hurdles they face as a band but also the enjoyment and satisfaction they get from being in a band. Their songs are not only an impressive collection of honest, hook-laden work, but also a statement of celebration – both of Beat Express’ own achievements and the culture and community that they are part of.



Written By: Beat Express

Teachers at school stress me out
They don’t really know who I am
When I get fits it stresses me out
I wish they wouldn’t happen to me
Being at work stresses me out
People just aren’t really there
No respect it stresses me out
People just don’t really care

But playing my music stops me stressing me out
A little bit of love stops me stressing me out

It stresses me out, it’s driving me mad


Trip To Ireland (single)
To be released in March 2013. Featured in the Watt from Pedro show, December 2012.

Steamin' (LP SUAL003)
Released in December 2011. Available for purchase on iTunes. Tracks featured on Radio Reverb, Brighton as well as online.

Rockstars (EP SUAL001)
Released in 2005