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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop


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The Mix Tape Cd
by jaywood

Release Date:
beat hog production company
Primary Genre:
Hip Hop/Rap
Secondary Genre:
Hip Hop/Rap

My Weed Track jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080504)
01 my weed track (4).wav
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2 Beat Hogs All Day jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: USDAU1080501)
02 beat hogs all day (...
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3 Battle This jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080502)
03 battle this (6).wav
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4 This Life of Mine jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080522)
04 this life of mine (7...
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5 I'll Sleep When I Die jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080503)
07 I'll sleep when i d...
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6 Slow Motion jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080505)
06 slow motion (9).wav
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7 Sawed Off Automatic jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080521)
09 sawed off automatic ...
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8 Keep On Talking Shit jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080508)
05 keep on talkin shit...
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9 Southside jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080509)
14 south side (17).wav
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10 L8ly jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080510)
08 L8LY (11).wav
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11 This World That We Live In jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080511)
13 this world that we ...
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12 Please Believe Me jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080512)
15 please believe me (...
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13 Business Sence jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080513)
10 business sense (13)...
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14 And It's Like That jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080520)
12 and it's like that ...
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15 Speak For Myself jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080516)
16 speak for myself (1...
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16 Hip Hop Extravaganza jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080533)
hip hop extravaganza1.wav
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17 Studio Time Investment jaywood (Explicit Lyrics) (Song ID: usdau1080534)
18. new studio time in...



I guess for me this music thing is my balance, it's almost like the air at sea level and in Oklahoma, you know how the humidity makes it hard to breath, well, to me,
that's what life is like with out music. Something happened the last time i was in jail fighting my case. i was on a no bond hold, my own homeboys were raising their right hand,
on the stand swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them god.......no way of getting out, kicking dope, surrounded by people, just like me,
that i couldn't stand to even eat around or talk to.......... i started writing, i was ok by myself threw it all but no matter what i was always ok
in my own skin. i was just very tired, tired of my addiction taking over my freedom and taking my kids dad away and i needed to write about it.............
the problem was, i couldn't stop writing i mean all day and all night i would write constantly, about my childhood, marriage, kids, mom, dad and everything in between all the way to my addiction to drugs, needles, crime, violence and high speed chases, im talking,
from heart broke to head strong,
i wrote about it
and battled everyone that thought they could rap at all along the way.
i kept my nose deep into the dictionary, glancing out the window to society every once & a while
remembering what life was like before i graduated from jr. high to addiction.

my love for music slowly but surely turned my poetry into 16 bar verses.
i didn't even know i had the abilities to produce music i just knew i liked writing and it helped me get threw it. .