Southampton, England, GBR

Beatitudes! A revolution of beat pop, highly influenced by that 60’s soul and R’n’B, but leaving in the essence of the now. A sound steeped in harmony and orchestration, by combination of jazz chords, bass chasing melodies, hard hitting rock and roll beats, topped with soulful vocals and plentiful harmonies. This is all painted together for the catchy pop song sound of Beatitudes.


Formed in late March of 2010, by the coalition of two Southern local bands (The Saracens and The White Caps). Mainly by the blood relation of the two front men, Liam and Jack, who share chemistry like no other double lead vocal act around, in harmony and in song writing. Also combined with input and enhancement of the back three; Scott, Taz and Chris.


Switchback to Simplicity debut E.P

Including tracks Warding me away, Come around, Piece of mind, Danielle and See it in the clouds. All available to listen on; and