Beatlejazz is one of todays leading jazz groups. Melvin, Kikoski, and Fambrough bring the sound of a modern trio to the great music of The Beatles.


Beatlejazz is a group of the highest caliber. The individual musicians have played with the who's who of jazz to funk to rock. They bring a swinging sound and clever arrangements to the music of the Fab Four.


Disc 1: "A Bite of The Apple".Featuring"Come Together" and "It's only Love" blasting on Radio world wide. Disc 2:"Another Bite of The Apple. Added as the most recent top ten CD in U.S.A and Japan. Features "Let It Be", "Julia", "Michelle", "I'll Follow The Sun". One of the strongest CDs out.

Set List

All Beatle tunes from Disc one and two, and many other Beatle's favorites.