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"the review of our dreams from New York's legendary record shop!"

Beat Mark are a new French band who offer up a wonderful slice of scrappy, catchy pop on their debut album, making a tuneful racket that blends garage-grown organ fuzz and drum stomp with a jangle-heavy wall-of-guitar sound and lovely male/female vocal harmonies. They take the anything-goes dilettante approach of bands like Swell Maps or Pastels, and fuse it to a sharp mastery of pop song craft; their songs sound loose and tattered on the surface, but underneath is a sweet, hook-filled center that puts them in the same camp as anything from the Captured Tracks or Slumberland stables. Their fusion of British beat with California sunshine takes a left turn somewhere; everything comes together beautifully, but something just seems slightly off in the best possible way, with Beach Boys-style harmonies straining to rise above the thick clouds of massive guitar distortion. It's tough to put a fresh face on a well-explored sound, but this young band pulls it off quite admirably with nonchalant energy and an eager sense of exploration that has them trying on different tempos and arrangement strategies with ease. I expect we'll start seeing and hearing more from this group in the coming months; these kids are sitting high on my list of favorite new pop bands, and fans of recent platters by DIIV, Allah-Lahs, and Ty Segall will most likely also appreciate the ragged sunshine conjured here. [IQ] - Other Music New York

"4/5 stars"

Sparkling boy/girl foursome Beat Mark are one of a small slew of English-sung French independent bands (see PMs Better, Hey Hey My My) drawing influences from British 80s independent bands, in this case weighing very heavily towards north of the border. Imagine the Pastels getting into a jangly shambolic brawl with the Vaselines and you have the makings of a retro yet timeless offering in their debut album Howls of Joy.

With echoes ranging from surf pop to doo-wop, this is 13 well crafted, short bursts of effortless cool–a manic pop thrill if you will. Released on Cornershop’s brilliant Ample Play label – fast becoming one of the finest independent labels in the UK – it may wear its influences heavily on its well worn sleeve, but these are timeless classic songs, drenched in analogue reverb which gives a gloriously effortless under-produced feel, bursting with massive tunes and gorgeous pop harmonies. It’s the sound of adolescent sex and drunken summer skinny dips – Love at First Sight and Cool Fur especially feel like Phil Spector’s 60s teenage hymns to lost love and lust. Beat Mark recreates a sound we’ve known, loved and missed, all the best parts of early Creation and Postcards records with a knowing nod and wink to the towering greats to whom those labels were historically indebted. If this is the way French pop is heading – and I do hope it is – prepare for a revolution en masse. - God Is in the TV Zine

"Louder than War review: A French take on the British pop sound makes for a simply superb album from Beat Mark."

Beat Mark: Howls of Joy – album review
Posted on January 26, 2013 by Sarah Lay
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101-197-large Beat Mark – Howls of Joy (Ample Play)

CD / DL / LP

Released 18 February 2013

A French take on the British pop sound makes for a simply superb album from Beat Mark.

There are few French bands that have found a place on the wider world music stage in recent memory. A few, but not many. Pair this with the fact that melodic pop is also having to fight for the spotlight and Howls of Joy may seem like an unfashionable proposition.

Thatâ??s as maybe but it doesnâ??t diminish what a wonderful, warm and necessary album this is.

Sung in English, the two boy / two girl Beat Mark, present 13 three-minute pop songs, a French take on the big British pop sounds of the last five decades with the most obvious influences seeping in from the â??80s and â??90s.

And as if that spin on Britain’s music movements wasn’t enough lead single ‘Breezing’ runs with wild abandon along the beach, blaring Californian surf pop – complete with tumbling guitars and vocal harmonies – as it goes. - Louder Than War

"Uncut Magazine 7/10 'Joyous debut album from Parisian Creationists'"

No bonus points for spotting the influences of this Parisian four-piece. The guitars are fuzzy, the drums Rover Assorted, the vocals soar and swoop in flat harmonies which echo as if recorded in a concrete garage. Yes, it's that tight-trousered Creation sound, Nuggets via East Kilbride, with an extra layer of exoticism coming from the fact that the English (or, to be more precise, the American) vocals sound faintly French. With so much contrivance in the mix, it seems odd to describe Beat Mark as innocent, but songs such as "Purple Glow' and 'Am I Five' have such undimmed verve that it's hard not to be charmed. - Uncut Magazine


Burger Records cassette EP, 2010
'Howls of Joy' debut album released in France by Final Taxi Records, 2011
'Howls of Joy' album released by Ample Play Records in all other territories including UK, February 2013
Cassette EP released by Soft Power Records, Glasgow Feb 2013
Debut UK single 'Breeezing!' A list on Amazing Radio for 3 consecutive weeks see photo:
Many airplays from 'Howls of Joy' on BBC 6 Music (Gideon Coe, Steve Lamacq, Tom Ravenscroft, Chris Hawkins)
Uncut Magazine March 2013 issue review 7/10:
'Joyous debut album from Parisian Creationists'
Louder than War: "A French take on the British pop sound makes for a simply superb album from Beat Mark."
Prestigious record shop Other Music in NYC have reviewed the album in their newsletter:
Reviews from the Line of Best Fit and Record Collector have also been confirmed.



Beat Mark are one of a few French bands to strike with the noisy pop spirit of contemporary U.S. music (from MGMT to Dum Dum Girls),who don't hide their mid-80s to mid-90s English influences.

Their sound has been described as nuggets of The Vaselines, and The Television Personalities with a few drops of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Stone Roses and Primal Scream. Some have even evoked My Bloody Valentine.

Whatever, the mix, the 2 boys and 2 girls of Beat Mark from Paris have created a full-length album that has a raw and instantly refreshing new sound. Who would have thought the French could be so chic hot?

Tjinder Singh from Cornershop was played their debut album in Paris last summer loved it and decided to release it on its own label Ample Play Records here in the UK and the US.