Beatnik Brown

Beatnik Brown


Beatnik Brown's five members comprise an original band that best fits into the category of “groove rock,” but are often called a jam band because they play a lot of improvisational music with roots in funk and a touch of a jazzy feel.


BeatnikBrown is a five-piece improv-band that formed in October 2003. While the primary focus is on improvising funky live music, the “project,” as the Beatnik boys like to call it, has morphed into an entertaining live act with a stable of original rock songs and uniquely interpreted covers.

BeatnikBrown is a band that is always out to “make it new,” so most live performances feature several songs that the band might never play again, making each show a unique experience.

Many of the songs the band plays came from improvising jams on the street, but when it comes to songwriting, guitarists Dave & Jason work to craft richly textured songs. Jason’s soulful vocals grab hold of the audience when belting out “Sketches of Spain” or “Less Than One,” and the intricate arrangement of songs like “Lunaphilia,” “Cruise Control” and “The New Guy” showcase Dave’s creative lead guitar. Jeremy’s drums propel songs like only he can, blending the harder edge of his musical background with a stripped-down, raw funk.

The band has fun with popular covers ranging from Beck’s “Where it’s At,” to Will Smith’s “Summertime,” but it is original songs like the rocking tune “The Outie” and the radio-friendly “Sunday” that usually keep a crowd moving its feet and bobbing its head. When Scott starts rapping and Jeff lays down funky grooves on the bass, the end result is energetic and entertaining no matter where the music takes BnB. The five members each bring a different thrust to the momentum of their music and a different perspective to their original songs.


Five of Us Here For the Jam... is Beatnik Brown's first EP. Tracks included are:
1. Attack of the Killer Insects
2. Pale Blue House
3. Sunday
4. Cruise Control
5. Missletoe

Set List

Beatnik Brown's typical set list includes cover songs ranging from Beck's "Where it's At" to Will Smith's "Summertime," as well some of the band's original songs such as "The Outie" and "Sunday."

Depending on what venue the band is playing, a set can run from under an hour to a few hours of feel-good jammin.