@@  Beat Repeat

@@ Beat Repeat

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BEAT REPEAT is a high energy live music experience, also including an extravagant lightshow. BEAT REPEAT is what we like to call "Dubclectro" - combing the flavors of dubstep and electro house, with an eclectic topping of anything from The Beatles to Jay-Z to Bob Marley, it is ENDLESS.


@@ is an art project, integrating many other aspects of art, such as live visuals, fire dancing, and performed live canvas art. @@'s music consists of sampling anything under the sun, including reggae, classick rock, hip hop, indie, etc. @@ is also a project that advocates self-discovery, because a lot of that can be found through music.

@@ hasn't wasted ANY time declaring a name for themselves, as they have been playing venues 4 months, with a 1 year anniversary coming up on April 10.

@@ is currently playing many dates in Tennessee and surrounding states, with acts like DJ Kidsmeal, This is Art, Excision, The Glitch Mob, TrillBass, 12th Planet, Mimosa, Kraddy, Schtompa, Deep Machine, Ana Sia, Dieselboy, Zoogma, Coach, Corleone, THB, and more. @@ is now expanding to more states, to spread the love to more basslovers.

Set List

Sets are anywhere from 1-4 hours. DJ sets including sampled and original material.