Beatrice Rose - Naturally Sweet

Beatrice Rose - Naturally Sweet

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Like fine wine the CD is full bodied with beautiful soul-felt passionate singing, inspiring thought-provoking lyrics, compelling backgrounds, smooth contemporary and R&B rhythms with genuine jazzy roots; easy to listen to at anytime. Authentic, sincere, timeless


Easy Listening - Adult Contemporary, Jazz & Soul Be-a-trice Rose (a.k.a. “Honeebee”) is a natural performer. Watching her and hearing her live has been described by audiences as nothing short of captivating and exhilarating, whether she's singing some of the great jazz standards, the best of adult contemporary & neo-soul, spirituals & hymns, or classical. Her vocal range is a smooth blend of warm lows, rich middle tones and high notes that illuminate the senses.
With a promising future on the horizon, this independent, soon to be discovered talent is following her heart’s desire by stepping into the spotlight, welcoming the opportunity to be embraced by the entertainment industry’s finest producers, record labels and you.
Her soulful debut CD When You're Ready to Fall in Love, Fall in Love with Me is an eclectic array of contemporary, jazz, contemporary gospel to classical expressing loss, laughter and love with beautiful, passionate vocals, compelling backgrounds and thought-provoking inspirational lyrics.
She has been compared to many greats and has wooed audiences at platforms such as: The DuMaurier Jazz Festival, The CBC’s Reach For The Stars; in the gospel musical, Mama I Want To Sing and, Porgy & Bess.
The CD When You're Ready to Fall in Love, Fall in Love with Me consists of 10 original songs, each with their own intense emotion filled story; along with a jazzy remake of "Chances Are" made popular by Johnny Mathis is a hit again, and; Puccini's "Chi'il Bel Sogno, di Doretta" is superb and ingenious. It also features some of Detroit’s top musicians: Joe Loduca on sax, guitar and bass; percussionist Marlon (Wild Bill) Curry; pianist Michael Mindengall, Mark Loduca and Eric Johnson; drummers Quentin Dennard II, Earl Orr & Tyrone Sims; Bassist Darryl Campbell, Jr.; organist Lamar Willis; saxophonist Maurice Garcia, and rap artist Savallace in, Has It Ever Happened to Ya?
…Fall in Love with Me arranged by Joe Loduca and written, performed and produced by Beatrice Rose herself is authentic, sincere and timeless.
The CD, "When You're Ready to Fall in Love, FALL IN LOVE WTH ME", MP3s, & Ringtones are available online at:


Has It Ever Happen To Ya?

Written By: Beatrice Rose

Has it ever happen, ever happen to ya that you’re running but you’re going no where?
You’re feeling lost and lonely, oh you feel so down and lonely and it seems like no one cares

Has it ever happen ever happen to ya? You’re rushing everywhere
You’re in a hurry you’re so busy and you got so many worries and you can’t seem to get ahead

Has it ever happen ever happen to ya ? Pride and jealousy consume and rule ya?
You got no money got no job, and ya got nobody. Well He’s there, waiting to hear from ya!

Oh has it ever happens to ya? Take it to God in prayer!
Oh if it ever happens to ya, praise Him saying Hallelujah!

All the trouble s and worries and all the pain we bear
If we’d trust the Lord and carry, everything to Him in prayer

When mysteries surround your dreams of where you think you ought to be
He sees your difficulties
And He knows the flack ‘bout what you lack, but the possibilities tomorrow,
Well, ain’t nobody promised that!
Has it ever happen to ya? Take it to God in Prayer…

(R A P)
Real life drama is inevitable! Huh!
Situations we all go through, Trials and tribulations. problems ya facing
in the me, myself and I confrontations
Ups and downs, highs and lows direct results of the road we on
It’s a thin line between the rights and wrongs when I reminisce about the life I chose
What’s in my heart, only God knows so I humble myself and I take it to the thrown
Straight to the one who helps me make it through the storm
Help me figure out what type of pace that I’m on
From beginning to ending all bets on from the top to the bottom,
when all my friends are gone
Stuck on an island and I’m feeling all alone.
A long time coming but we’re almost home.
Down on my knees, asking for forgiveness for the sins and the lust and lies that I’ve committed
Mistakes I’m doing, but, I am only human.
Prodigal Son! The voice of the weak and the ruined!

Has it ever happen to ya? …. Take it God in prayer

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Written By: Beatrice Rose

Time slipped through my fingers I had lost my way.
What could I've been thinking for so long?
I can't imagine when I've ever felt so low realizing time don't stand alone

Time moved on and left me standing in crowd who were marching forward
but I was no where bound. Well, you got to venture or nothing is gained and
waiting on tomorrow leaves no one but you to blame

Time, where doe's it run to?
Time, where doe’s it fly?
Time, where does it go?
I don't know!

Like a fish out of water I’ve been caught up in a net,
trying to free the line just to be in my element.
I had to pay the cost now my bills are long overdue.
Time has be running and I’ve got no time to loose

Tick-tock, tick-tock the hands of the clock don’t ever stop.
Check your walk check your talk. What time have you got?

I’m running on empty, I m burning, I’m on fire!
I feel like I’ve been drowning in my heart’s desire.
Clear my path Lord, don’t you hear me calling!
Help me. Teach me. Keep me from falling behind time

It gets ahead, it gets behind,
it never hides but it is so hard to find time
Where does it run, where does it go, I don’t know!

You Don't Really Know Me

Written By: Beatrice Rose

It didn’t matter where I’ve gone; it never really mattered where I’d been
‘cause I only wanted you, with all my heart
We used to talk. I remember how we’d listen to each others’ thoughts
but look here now how we’ve grown apart

If you knew all that I’d been going through or took some time to listen for a while
There wouldn’t be any need to question or doubt what our love’s about…

You don’t believe in me, that I could be more than you’ve seen
Yes, I’ve changed; but my love never strayed

You don’t really know me, if you did, you’d hold me close to your heart, but
You don’t really know me, if you did, you’d show me
Show me with all your love, all the love you got!

It’s been a long time we’ve been apart but I’ve only had you right here down deep in my heart
you grew to be, another part of me oh
if you took some time just to listen for a little while,
There wouldn’t be, any need to question or doubt, what our love’s about…

You don’t believe in me, that I could be more than you have seen
Yes, I’ve changed; but my love never strayed!

You don’t really know me,
If you did you’d hold me, close to your heart
But, you don’t really, really know me, or you’d show me
With all your love, all the love you got…

I’ve missed you so much,
How I’ve longed for your love,
How I wanted, I’ve longed for your touch

It’s been a long time, we’ve been apart.
We never had a chance to stop, chit-chat and talk

Have you lost your mind?
Have you forgot all the plans we made and for what? For what we want!

I’m a woman with all the tools to reunite the love we once knew
But, you’ve given up on us. You want to leave now you want to go and break my heart…


Has It Every Happen To Ya? Chances Are, Let's Go Places, You Dn 't Really Know Me, TIME

Set List

2 - 45 min sets
Jazz standards, originals & Adult contemporary
Some repertoire include:
A Night In Tunesia
Been Around the World
Cry Me A River
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Fly Me to the Moon
God Bless the Child
How Can I Be Sure
I’ve Got A Crush on You
In A Sentimental Mood
Just Like A Star
Killing Me Softly
Little Things
Lush Life
My Funny Valentine
On A Clear Day
Our Love Is Here to Stay
Route 66
Someone to Watch Over Me
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Sweet Love
That Sunday
The Look Of Love
The Shadow of Your Smile
There’ll Never Be Another You
To Sir With Love
Walk On By
Wild Horses
Wind Beneath My Wings
What A Wonderful World
You Bring Me Joy