Beatrix*JAR is a conceptual electronic music duo that travel the world spreading the good word of Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) electronics with hands-on Circuit Bending Workshops and Playful Conceptual Sound Art Performances.


"We spent most of our youth stuck in the mind-set that music must sound a certain way, that musical instruments are THIS… and if you have never been trained to play music then you have no right to be a musician or even think about making music. Approaching music in outrageous ways and circuit bending gives us a new vocabulary to express our love of music and to create a world where musical expression is not limited to just those people with formal training. We believe that anything that makes sound can be a musical instrument." - Beatrix*JAR


Beatrix*JAR self-released two albums of note: "I Love You Talk Bird"(2005) and "Golden Fuzz" (2007), “Golden Fuzz may be the most accurate album title I’ve seen all year. It’s a shimmering mosaic of beats and samples layered with a smattering of live vocals, samples, circuit-bent toys and AM interference.” – Michael Una, Create Digital Music.