The extraordinary new recording by Beatriz Azevedo, “Alegria”, has it all -high literary erudition, carnavalesque exuberance, absurdist humor, and audacious experimentalism -the hallmarks of antropofagia. CHRISTOPHER DUNN [USA] Beatriz Azevedo is a modern tropicalist. SANDRINE TEIXIDO [Vibrations]


The BEATRIZ AZEVEDO's new CD ALEGRIA, released by Biscoito Fino in Brazil, is out now in Europe by Discmedi (Spain) and 121 Digital (France).

The album has TOM ZE and VINICIUS CANTUARIA singing with BEATRIZ AZEVEDO, plus 12 original songs composed and produced by Beatriz.

Poet, singer and composer Beatriz Azevedo is a Brazilian multi-artist. Graduated in Performing Arts, studied music at Mannes College of Music and at Jazz and Contemporary Music Program in New York. She won the "Bolsa Virtuose", grant from the Ministry of Culture of Brazil.

The CD Alegria was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and New York, with the best musicians around, like Anat Cohen, Bocato, Cristovao Bastos, Jorge Helder, Jamie and Michael Leonhart.

In the last years Beatriz Azevedo presented her concert at many international festivals, including POPKOMM FESTIVAL in Berlim, DUNYA Festival (The Netherlands), Copa da Cultura World Soccer Cup (Germany), Premiere Brazil MoMA Museum of Modern Art New York (United States), Verizon Music Festival (United States) and others.

"Bum Bum do Poeta", first CD by Beatriz Azevedo, was released in Brazil by Caetano Veloso's label Natasha Records and in Japan by Nippon Crown Records. "Mapa-mundi [samba and poetry]" is the second CD of Beatriz Azevedo produced by Ale Siqueira, whose production credits also include Elza Soares, Carlinhos Brown and Marisa Monte albums.

Beatriz Azevedo's music features on the compilation "Brazil: The Essential Album" alongside Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, Elis Regina, Joao Gilberto and others Brazilian masters, released by the UK label Union Square Music. Also in England the CD "Bossa Nova Nights" contains a further two tracks by Beatriz Azevedo.

Beatriz Azevedo's band in NY included Smokey Hormel (Tom Waits, Beck), Mauro Refosco (David Byrne, Forro in the Dark), Didi Gutman (Bebel Gilberto, Brazilian Girls), Marivaldo dos Santos and David Heilman (Stomp), Michael Leonhart (Vinicius Cantuaria).

Beatriz Azevedo also appeared as special guest with Cyro Baptista in the show Beat the Donkey in New York.


Biscoito Fino (Brazil) 2008
Discmedi/121 Digital Media 2009

MAPA-MUNDI [samba and poetry]
Acrobeat (Brazil) 2002

Natasha Records (Brazil) 1999
Nippon Crown (Japan) 2000


Union Square Music (UK) 2001

Union Square Music (UK) 2001

[BEAT] ri [Z]
Mondomix (France) 2006

Set List

The set list includes lots of groovy brazilian rhythms like samba, maracatu, maxixe, baiao and also cool beautiful bossa nova and jazzy songs. Set lists vary with venue.

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