Withhold any expectations when you embark upon a Beatronica experience. Their gigs are multisensory, transcendental journeys through the realms of Euro-electronica and trip-hop. The band features drummer Ed Duquemin (De Beat, from Gondwanaland band plus the sensational vocals of the Mars Girl.


“Warhol’s New York via Modern Day London...” – TimeOff Magazine..."The sound? Trip hop, fronted by singer Mars Girl. She's tiny but bam!..." – Courier Mail.. "Get ready for the Beatronica explosion at the Brewery..." – Byron Shire News.."Wicked Beats" – Rave Magazine... Withhold any expectations when you first embark upon a Beatronica experience. Their gigs are multimedia, multisensory, transcendental journeys through the realms of Euro-electronica and psychedelic trip-hop. Beatronica’s wicked beats stem from the combined and eclectic talents of soulful vocal seductress Mars Girl, synthmaster Oly Man, euro-club drums and MCing thrown in by ARIA-winning De Beat and the Dread and Jam on bass and keys. A vital addition to a Beatronica encounter are the mind-bending, fanatical visual projections contributed by metalhead VJ Crazy Nafe. The shifting, evolving imagery is manipulated and improvised onsite in sync with Beatronica’s musical psychosis. The group formed in November 2009, and have already developed a strong live show which draws from multiple musical cultures and genres. Regular gigs between Byron Bay and Noosa including several residency’s, local festivals and 4ZZZ chart success has resulted in a dedicated and varied fanbase around Brisbane and surrounding coasts. Beatronica’s unique combination of melodic triphop and euro-trance is a definite crowd pleaser, and fans of The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, and Prodigy are guaranteed to excite in the group’s sonic meltingpot. Ed Duquemin (aka De Beat) has received critical acclaim throughout a stellar career, notably an ARIA win and recently a 4 star CD with electronica world groovers Gondwana. He has a fiery ambition for Beatronica, which he set up via a massive classifieds search, and is determined to have the group playing Europe as soon as possible. Ed’s extensive work with club DJ’s across the UK and Europe has enabled him to an utterly fresh brand of worldly club trance with some outstanding Australian talent. Be sure to catch Beatronica soon, because if their popularity with international travellers is any determination, they a bound to leave our shores for overseas success very soon.


6 track EP

Set List

Deep Water, Take It, Best Shot, You and Me, Time to Go, Breathe, Lifes a Beat, Into the Sky, Train, Fun, Strangest Dreams, Emotion