San Francisco, California, USA
BandHip HopFunk

Dr. Dre meets Prince in a retro-inspired city of the future.

Classic west coast g-funk with a futuristic twist. Analog synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, vocoders & talk box.

Only for space pimps.


Largo is the instrumental hip-hop and soundtrack production alias of Chris Oldaker, a California-based electronic musician working in various genres under the names Dr. Science (trip-hop), Cats On Earth (experimental/breakcore/IDM) and moto-SLAVE (electro/acid/disco), amongst others.


-moto-SLAVE - colors [2010]
-moto-SLAVE - midnight mass [2010]
-nova satori - a sun of sound [2007]
-cats on earth - la fin triste [2005]
-cats on earth - le debut heureux [2005]
-cats on earth - arrows on water [2004]
-cats on earth - majestic music[2003]
-cats on earth - coe sessions [2001]
-cats on earth - throw aways [2001]
-qmulus - radian [2001]
-igneous - ibid/obcit EP [2000]
-cats on earth - mama told me to pimp hard (and i wont let her down) [2000]
-dr. science - exotic production [1999]
-dr. science - dr. science presents... [1999]