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Seattle five-piece Beat Senseless grabs the listener with their hard-hitting, guitar-driven rock! Leading the charge to the merging of a new sound, this band has opted to defy trends.

Formerly members of some of the Northwest’s heaviest and baddest bands they have a history that intersects through various projects. Fusing the hooks, riffs and rhythms of Dead Kennedys and Rollins Band, with the vocal range of Soundgarden, these vets create the uniquely punk, metal and hard rock elements that Beat Senseless weave effortlessly into their music.

More like brothers than most bands, all five members of Beat Senseless are lifelong friends, having grown up together in Seattle, and having been involved in music since childhood. Three of them came together as part of internationally celebrated outfit North American Bison. Rob Ropkins (vocals), Tyler AP (guitar) and Reuben Stihl (bass) honed their rock chops in Bison sharing the stage with the likes of Green Day and Presidents of The USA, and touring with acts whom they considered their idols. Woobie, considered to be one of the most talented and coveted drummers in the Northwest, eventually joined forces with guitarist Michael West playing in bands that enjoyed regional success among the punk scene. All five men flourished, garnering radio play, being added to major label music compilations and landing choice touring slots.

When their individual projects came to an end around 2001, the first incarnation of Beat Senseless came together. Their self-released CD, I Don’t Wanna Know (2002), earned them their creds and received radio play in the Northwest. It is believed among the band that their full potential came to fruition when AP joined in the Spring of 2005. Since then, they have been gigging steadily, earning a reputation for seriously rocking shows and a devoted fan base.

Their 2006 EP, Blunt Heavy Object, was produced by Martin Feveyear (Queens Of The Stone Age, Kings Of Leon, Brandi Carlisle). Feveyear’s impressive and varied chops expertly captured the powerful sound of Beat Senseless.

Beat Senseless is in regular rotation on KFNK 104.9 FM (Seattle/Tacoma) and is the first band to be asked back for a second on-air interview on the station’s local music showcase “Garage Monkey”. They have also played live on Audioasis, on 90.3 KEXP.


- EP: "Blunt Heavy Object"
- Previously self-released CD: "I Don't Wanna Know"

Radio playin Seattle on 90.3 KEXP and 104.9 Funky Monkey. Regional radio play in Tacoma, Olympia, etc.