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'As a hybrid of hardcore rap flows and bangin' productions A2Z is shaping up to be a definitive name in both cultured indie music, and the future of hip-hop.'


Rising from the streets of Perth city, 21-year old West Australian MC A2Z has set out with huge prospects to claim his name in the forefront of today's rap culture.

With over 100 beats and songs produced, the anticipation of A2Z's first rap release 'Hip Hop State of Mind' is brewing up one thunderous storm with 'Get Down' featured on KRS-One's radio show 'Temple of Hip Hop'. Whilst dropping a number of verses, hit remakes and other tracks on indie mixtapes around Australia over the last year and receiving positive feedback.

contact: Chris Andrews
phone: +061 0413473734


Let It Rain

Written By: A2Z

(you don't know why they crawl them nor i know what i'm feeling)

How can it be so that
those who I used to know
will not allow themselves to grow
it's like a parallel time
in which we're moving too slow
it's like the high life is over
now life is so-lo
when there is nowhere to go
back to the world's how we turn
like there is nothing inside
besides a fire that burns
and a voice that just screams
it's like we're killing ourselves
in fear of failing our dreams
it's like we're turning up dead
instead of finding a means
instead of turnin for help
when there's each other to lean on
I know it myself
because I felt how they felt
only now I'm learning how to play the cards that I'm dealt
but how is it that I cannot confide in anyone else
so many memories I merely leave to rot on the shelf
until I tell em in story
and call it the nightmare that is the struggle for glory

chorus - where is the proof behind the shit that we say, it's like the only directions are to lead us astray, it's like it's I against I and everything is ok, this is the price that I pay let me express if I may, that I don't ever wanna live just to die another day, so if you've got something to say...
let it rain

what have I done
how'd I become such a loser
how'd I become such a user
how was I taught to be a chauvinist loser
why do I feel forced when I know I'm a chooser
and if we are all a product of the things that surround
then I must be the only fucking thing that's bringing me down
I hate how it sounds
but when you lose your mind
perhaps it never is found again
why do I say shit that I cannot defend
cannot ever mend
where is the logic in the message I send
why do I punish those in who I depend
it's like an angel watching doesn't wanna let me ascend
it's like i'm tired of fucking starting again and so I'm grabbin a pen
and tryin to find a new way to vent
when I know how it started but don't know how it ends
I'm not asking to be heaven sent
but let me repent
don't want to ever descend
I want to always stand tall
living the life I once couldn't love at all


I'm spinning out of control
I'm losing my traction
seeing positive thoughts as allergic reactions
spiraling down but I'm smiling now knowing later holds a pen and a paper
destructor, creator, artistic perpetrator, self abusing disillusioned, no solution, restitution; self pollution, musically minded I speak in fast forward so you'll rewind it play it back a few times it doesn't need gimmicks when you're in it it's clear
that our lives work on pride
and our souls live in fear
and all we need to do is find balance
focus on the plan to push talents
and make sure every word that you say
paves the way to a day of illustrious
in a dream scenery where the chi is just right
just tight
if not then that's life
suck it up don't live and die fight



A2Z performs on -

'A2Z Presents... The Cover Up Mixtape' (feat. Various Australian artists, non-commercial); A2Z performs on -

'Paradise' (Coolio remake/production)
'Miracle Flow' (Timbaland remake/production)
'Original Recipe' (Timbaland remake/production)
'Family Affair' (Gangstarr remake/production)
'God Send' (Pharoahe Monch remake/production)
'The Biz' (Rell remake/production)
'Playas Play' (Kool G Rap remake/production)
'Haletosis' (Chamillionaire remake/production)
'Dont Touch Me' (Busta Rhymes remake/production)

Hip Hop State of Mind EP (upcoming/self-released):

'Hip Hop State of Mind'
'Memory Lane'
'Just Listen'
'Get Down'
'Let It Rain'
'U Know'


'No Role Model' (First ever self-recorded song, limited press as single only)
'Let It Rain' (self-recorded version)
'Get Dem Hands Up' (myspace exclusive)
'Again & Again' (soundclick exclusive)

A2Z produces - Too many to list.

For updated info and latest tracks check here soon.

Set List

generally 35 minutes comprised of favored tracks in discography plus 3 or 4 freestyles/verses over cover/battle beats. Can be extended.