Beat Surrender

Beat Surrender

 Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Beat Surrender is a band looking to make you think, pump your heart, and shake your ass. We're not about to take this sitting down. We're a band about people. We're not here for cheap thrills. We're not here for high brows. We're here for you. Forget everything you know, THIS IS ROCK MUSIC!!


Guitarists/vocalists Stephen Bailey and Ian Laczynski formed Beat Surrender after the falling out of their previous band, the New Buildings. They formed the group with the Jam, Britpop, and a keen sense of songwriting in mind. Unlike the flashy 'n' trashy electro-pop garbage coming out of Boston recently, the boys are about guitars and a return to classicist songwriting--not to mention a profound love of English rock & roll.

They managed to pick up bassist Dana Cataldo fairly quickly. John "Caffers" McCaffrey joined on drums in November 2010.

Beat Surrender's cornerstones are the Jam (from whom they got their name), the Clash, the Pretenders, and Tom Petty.


Beat Surrender EP -- Released January 2011
Assorted bootlegs.

Set List

We play original songs, as well as occasional covers.

We have covered both Springsteen and Iron Maiden, neither with a touch of irony. We are music fiends and don't believe in ironic influences.