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Beats Working

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Beats Working are a cool blend of hiphop and soul with infectious grooves that are guaranteed to get you jumping. To put it simply they are just plain fun!!Through there live performance they attract a lot of women to a genre that is usually a predominately male audience. You gotta love That!!


Beats Working is a musical collaboration between three mates with a love of music across all genres. ‘BW’ started mucking around with live music and samples in 2007 and discovered a musical chemistry which saw them quickly create a huge catalogue of cross genre songs and all were surprised with the sound they were producing. (James Branson, ex Kid Confucius)

After showing a few friends their work, the band got a kick start from a mate promoting a show in Newcastle. Impressing all at the party, the foursome quickly began playing regular shows from Brisbane to Perisher Valley in the Snowy Mountains.

With two members hailing from Coffs Harbour, and the other from Newcastle , the drive to the studio in Coffs Harbour became a regular journey. And so it became the name of their debut release, Harbour Drive. In July 2008 ‘Harbour Drive’ was released with national distribution through the acclaimed independent hip hop label, Obese Records.

Across 14 tracks, the group set groove, funk and fun on a collision course with ambitious raps, solid string and brass sections and dynamic arrangements. Far more than just simple rhymes, the album saw the group craft songs that are clever lyrically and instrumentally, whilst at the same time develop their own patented universal sounding vibe - one which is removed from being rooted in the traditional Australian hip hop aesthetic.

In a little over 18 months Beats Working have played over 80 shows around Australia including an East Coast tour from Brisbane to Melbourne and a week in Thredbo last year during uni week. BW have also appeared at a number of festivals including Groovin the Moo, Fat As Butter, Village Fair, a warm winters day, Red Bull Big Air, guest spot at Gold Coast B.D.O. Open Arms Festival and early this year played alongside Public Enemy on their Australian Tour.

The start of 2009 has seen Beats Working back in the studio recording their second, album set for release in the latter half of 2009. †Having collaborated with artists such as DNO, (Resin Dogs) Bluerum 13, (USA) Ezekiel Ox (Mammal) and more, the second album will represent a totally new sound for Beats Working and hopefully open it up to a much wider audience.


E.P "Demonstration" 2006
single "exercise" radio play across the country and on jjj

Debut LP "Harbour Drive" 2008, single Hey Lena, radio play across the country in particular jjj

Set List

Usually set 45 - 60 mins

Hey! Lena
Whos that Man
Dont You Know
The piece
Rocket Fuel