Beat The Radar

Beat The Radar


A Sonic Youth inspired bunch from Manchester firing rip roading guitars and bellowing vocals "This is a band creating innovative and stylish music...catchy vocal melodies with precise backing vocals on top of angst guitar and clever drums create a package for success" SANDMAN MAGAZINE


BTR began following a chance meeting in the sandwich section of Marks & Sparks. After a deal was struck they wrote their first 3 songs in two hours of practice time, recorded a demo after 8 and within 3 months had already played legendary Manchester venues Night and Day Cafe and Dry bar.

Building on “urgent yet soulful grunge” a more energetic and purposeful sound was crafted. The band’s distinctive music is centred on a unique combination of trans-Atlantic 80s indie guitar, rhythmical aggression and lyrical charm. The songs tell tales of extra terrestrial alienation, the woe of 9-5, bad days and a severe case of Aviophobia.


Misunderstood What You Said
By The Sea