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in the beginning

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in the beginning i said let there be light let there be unbearable lightness let nothing of weight weigh upon my mind. I regreted it all and turned on TV picking up the holy bible my tv Times.

on the second day i cancelled world debt by maxing my shiny golden credit cards, later i sent designer sunglasses to those stylish skinny kids of the 3rd 4th and 5th worlds. they posed in the bubble wrap.

early in the morning of the third day i was maried to a glossy magazine we honeymooned in the afternoon rags and were divorced in the provincial papers it was no longer news

on the forth day i re arranged the apbephlat stnyax and ystems of garmamr gvorennig the lnauggae we seapk.

The genetic code for men was changed he now had CK chromosomes and levi genes the 5th day man modelled himself on the gilette shaving adverts.

late on the sixth day i stumbled upon the new pinnacle of womanhood while observing the the walking talking and posing shelves of milan tokyo and paris. i said let these be set as the aspirations for all let them become the moulds to fit but never to be filled.

on the seventh day times had passed it had not made me pretty but it had made me old. i rested bathing in the shallow pool of society i had created.. dozing off... knowing a wave of culture would never ever drown me.