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BeatTree Biography

Psychedelic soul? Nu-jazztronica? Urban Fusion? Whatever you want to label it, BeatTree's harmonic and groovy sun-kissed sound pours like honey and it's in the flesh that you want to experience them; they truly have that 'Factor X' live.

BeatTree was formed in 2004 and features some of the best players from London's vibrant jazz-fusion scene. The highly skilled line-up of experienced and multi-cultural musicians incorporates Baby Sol (vocals), bassist Ruth Goller, Nigel Broderick Keys, Bass stasion, fx & Laptop, Matt Bacon (guitar/fx) and Chris Williams (alto sax/flute). At the pulsating heart of BeatTree is founder member Brian Hedemann (drums/vocals/fx).

Having spent the best part of his twenties playing with musicians all over the capital, including Kevin Davy (Lamb), Robert Mitchell (F-ire), Dahu Mumagi's DuKru, OAI and Lautrec, Brian incorporated his broad knowledge of hip hop, jazz, drum n'bass, funk and soul grooves to eventually realise his own musical vision. BeatTree's live set now hosts a wealth of innovative samples and loops triggered in and amongst Brian's poly-rhythms and percussive soundbursts.

After some time spent honing their very individual sound, the band are now working on their debut album, due to be released later this year.

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Set List

Our set list can very from 30min- 2 hours...
Our typical set would be round 1hour
Currently the set list looks like this: Flex Delight, Seven, Fun, Eyes, mr B, Five Alive, Butterfly, Flower, Boogie and Buzzing Bee.