Beau Borrero and his Mom

Beau Borrero and his Mom

 Friday Harbor, Washington, USA

Beau Borrero and his Mom sing a brand of folk-funk-funny that will definitely make you laugh, and might even make you cry. Heartfelt, hilarious, and harmonious, Beau and his mom make music that's in a genre all its own - think Gillian Welch meets Flight of the Conchords...


"Life is a play and we all play a part
The lover, the dreamer, the clown
The dreamer and lover are always in tears
The clown spreads sunshine around..."
-from "Laugh Clown Laugh" by MGM Studios

If all the world's a stage, and if music be the food of love ... Beau Borrero is tragedian and court jester, troubadour and maître d' - feeding hungry souls at his own avant-garde dinner theatre. Beau has an uncanny ability to tap into the ancient Greek themes of comedy and tragedy, wearing both masks comfortably, even simultaneously, while he channels the muses.

At an early age, Beau was exposed to all kinds of music and theatre. His grandparents performed in musicals on Broadway in the 1930's, and his mother is an actress and folksinger. He recalls, "There was always music in the house - my mother singing and playing guitar, my grandparents singing, my brothers and I dancing to James Brown and Michael Jackson records."

Beau's mother was by far his biggest musical influence, and things have come full circle, as he and his mother now hit the road together as an acoustic duo. "I never thought I would get to be in a band with my mom! She is so fun to sing with, and a good guitar player, too. I couldn't really ask for a more supportive band mate." He laughs, "And besides, we know each other pretty well by now."

Beau's family life was not all singing and dancing, though. He is honest about his life experiences, saying, "Sadly, alcoholism and abuse were a big part of my childhood. By the time I was a teenager, I had a lifetime's supply of material for sad songs." In his teenage years, MTV became another source of inspiration for Beau. He recalls, "I would come home from school and watch MTV till bedtime. In my first band, I sang and played drums on Mötley Crüe and Duran Duran covers ... mildly embarrassing, but oh so much fun!"

Beau attended Yale University, where he studied Greek and Latin Literature. While studying there, he played drums and performed in different bands and choirs. Then for years, singing and songwriting hibernated within Beau while he worked as a carpenter and played drums on other's music. However, he admits, "I was totally miserable."

Beau had been dabbling with the guitar for a while, then after a devastating breakup in 2007, the stage was set. He says, "I had all these intense emotions coming up, and I knew enough guitar chords to play some music. I kept after it every day for about two years, and then realized I had an album's worth of music I really liked."

Beau's debut album, entitled Well, was released in 2011. It runs deep with themes sad and sexy, spiritual and hilarious. He describes the project, "It's tragedy, it's comedy...and everything in-between. I guess it's kind of a variety show. Musically, I tried to blend my favorite genres together - folk, pop, electronica, guitar driven rock, vocal harmonies."

Beau's ability to mix muse, mood, and melody is what sets him apart. With ten self-penned and passionately performed tracks, Borrero showcases his strengths as both a singer and a songwriter. He also displays his talent as an arranger and producer. Where else can you hear lush, layered vocal harmonies on top of instruments such as the harp, djembe, banjo, washboard, a string quartet – all mixed together? Well is full of vivid imagery and meaning, but each track also offers mockingly witty lyrics as finely tuned as any playwright's script.

Indeed life is a play, and we all play a part. Beau plays many - writer, singer, dreamer, lover, clown - and he plays them all "well." So pardon the pun, have some fun, and grab a seat at this unique little cabaret. Order up a glass of the house red, and drink deeply from Beau Borrero's Well.



Written By: Beau Borrero

Well I saw you in town just the other day, you were lookin' pretty dang cute
You were wearin' that little dress I like and those sexy high-heeled boots
Well I walked over and stood in front of you and I stared into your eyes
I opened my mouth to say something clever, well imagine my surprise
When I took a deep breath and parted my lips to tell you how wonderful you are
I stood there with my mouth wide open but all I could say was...ahhhhhh...

Cause I'm so stupid, oh so damn stupid in love
Can you hear me God, can you tell me please just what you were thinkin' of?
When you made them all so beautiful and gave me this kamikaze heart
Maybe Earth had a shortage of love sick fools, and I'm here playing my part
To even out the balance for all those folks who use their heads
I wish I could be smart like them, but instead
I'm so stupid

I get so much done when I'm not thinking about you hun
I'm doin' just fine without you, and I don't really know a damn thing about you
But when I look into your eyes and start daydreaming about your thighs
My heart jumps up and volunteers to squirt my brain right on out my ears
And I can't remember all the brilliant lines I think about using on you all the time
To impress you and show you how smart I am and all the fancy places I have been
And the diploma I've got up in my mama's attic
And oh you'll think I'm so charismatic
I can actually make decisions that are quite pragmatic
And if I dress just right I look totally aristocratic
Honey I'll take you sailing on the Adriatic
But then I see you, and I get all erratic
And come across like some drooling fanatic
This hole thing has been totally traumatic

Cause I'm so stupid, oh so damn stupid in love
Can you hear me God, can you send me please just a little help from above
To not be so stupid

I'm doin' fine all alone, I don't waste all my time on the phone
I don't spend all my money on datin', I 'm just a good slave to my master-
Well that works out
Anywho, I gotta get up and shout
Maybe love isn't what it's all about
Maybe love's a religion and I'm too devout
Maybe I could just do without
Gettin' clobbered in another love bout
My heart's a prison and I want out
I got dreams to fulfill and debts to pay
What I really need is a pill to make love go away
They got pills to make you hard and pills to make you smart
I want a pill that will chain up my heart
A little golden pill to make me fall out of love
Cause when I'm drowning in that sea there's only one thing I can think of

And that's how to get more stupid, oh so damn stupid in love
Can you hear me God, can you send me please just a little help from above
To not be so stupid

Well how can I be so stupid after all those years in school
I trained my brain all in vain 'cause it's my heart that makes the rules
It doesn't care about my wallet or my soul or my head
It just wants me to do what it says
It says I'm pounding and bloody and red
Look at her, man, she's perfect, full speed ahead
Well I always listen but I'm no good at this game
I fall so stupid in love I can't remember my name
I'm headed for Romeo or Dido's fame
Yeah, I know why she jumped into those flames
And I know why people turn to whisky and coke
Cause my whole life's gone up in smoke
I'm single and live with my mom, and I'm broke
I carry this heart like an ox wears a yoke
Well, it's good for something I guess I got this song
But how'd I ever so wrong
Tell me how's a man supposed to get along
Bein' led through this life by his heart and his shlong.

Cause I'm so stupid, oh so damn stupid in love
Can you hear me God, can you send me please just a little help from above
To not be so stupid

If I Had You

Written By: Beau Borrero

If I had you, I'd spend hours just staring into your eyes
If I had you, I'd never forget that I had won grand prize
If I had you, I'd spend all day running my fingers through your hair
If I had you, I'd make a hobby outta buying you sexy underwear
That's what I would do if I had you, it's true.

If I had you, I'd leave you love notes in the pockets of your favorite jeans
If I had you, I'd be so completely in love just like back in my teens
If I had you, I'd rent an old biplane and write your name in the sky
If I had you, I could tell you I love you every day and never ever have to lie
That's what I would do if I had you, it's true.

If I had you, I'd get a tattoo with your name right across my face
You could kiss every letter, bring our lips together, my sweet angel, full of grace
If I had you, I'd be by your side every day as we grew old
If I had you, I'd write Neil Young a letter, and tell him I found his heart of gold
That's what I would do if I had you, it's true

If I had you in my arms, I'd never be able to resist your charms
And I wouldn't try, love you 'till I die, write your name in the sky

If I had you, we could get us a dog and name it after the first place we kissed
If I had you, I could finally cross the last thing off of my list
If I had you, I could finally get up off of my hands and knees
If I had you, I could finally stop beggin' God please, please, please
That's what I would do if I had you, it's true

If I had you by my side, I wouldn't waste one minute making you my bride
I'd get down on my knees and ask you please to say I do
That's what I would do if I had you, it's true
And every night I'd hold you tight
So every day, I kneel and I pray for you
That's how it will be when I have me, you'll see.

Hole in My Heart

Written By: Beau Borrero

I wonder do you still think of me?
Do you still drink like me?
Do you still lie like me?
Lay awake and cry like me?
Just wanna die like me?
There's a hole in my heart where you're supposed to be
Where you're supposed to be

Don't you see - I'm the branches that grow from your tree
You're the roots beneath my feet
Or at least you're supposed to be
Supposed to feed me
Instead you bleed me endlessly
Through this hole in my heart
Where you're supposed to be.

There's a hole in my heart that will never go away
It's like the stars in the day, like this debt that I pay
And so I pay, and so I pray for the the day I will be set free
From this hole in my heart where you're supposed to be
Where you're supposed to be

I wonder do you you dream of me
Scream out in the night like me
Scheme to avoid what's right like me
But you're not quite like me
Cause I let the light strike me
Through this hole in my heart where you're supposed to be
Where you're supposed to be

Something I Can Keep

Written By: Beau Borrero

Walking among these ruins with these ashes at my feet
With only the sound of the rain and the splash of my heart beat
Thinking about what was and the wreckage of our love
Turning every stone looking dark and deep
I know somewhere here is something I can keep

Something they won't make me give away
Something I can hold on till my dying day
Something that sure did not come cheap
In these ashes here there is something I can keep

Remember all those nights, love, under the stars and the moon
And cry with me a while, because the end came far too soon
Don't forget the way the day I shone like your sun
And don't forget the way you told me I was the one
Oh love's slope so slippery and so steep
On my way down I found something I can keep

Something I can take back to the Lord
Something to make me put away my sword
Something puts the faith back in my leap
In your arms I found something I can keep

So here at the end as I lie all alone
One hand on my heart, one hand reachin' for the phone
I wonder if your heart feels as empty as mine
I wonder if maybe we gave it just a little more time
I wonder if I will ever get to sleep
And in my dreams find something I can keep

Something to help me face another day
Something to help me feel less foolish when I pray
Cause I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep
In our love I found something I can keep

RISE UP! #Occupy Wall St.

Written By: Beau Borrero

(Verse 1)

Let's go back to economics 101
Capitalism's based on competition and the corporations got none

They own Congress, they own the airwaves
They own us from 9 to 5 like a bunch of modern day slaves

They own the newspapers, they own the TV
They own exploding oil wells at the bottom of the sea

They own the president, the own the media
Exxon Mobil, Bank of America, BP, Wall St, Expedia

They tell us trust in the markets, well the markets have spoken
The banks, the government, the whole system is broken

We're headed down to Wall St with a posse and the facts
Gonna find Mr. Goldman so we he can lick our Sachs

This shit is wack, these men are on crack, their heads need a good freakin smack
Our country's been ransacked by a pack a' kleptomaniacs

Who think the greenback is an aphrodisiac
We're the 99% and we're takin' this country back!


Rise up, people rise up
It's time to open our eyes up
The wicked won't give their disguise up
Hypnotize you into givin' your prize up...nah

Rise up, people rise up
Look through the lies and wise up
Breathe deep and offer your cries up
Get to the well before it dries up
Open your eyes...good people rise

(Verse 2)

You've kept us in line with two dollar wine
Cheap flat screen TVs, cheap leased SUVs

Cheap plastic crap from China and talkin' iPhones
ipods, eye candy video of predator drones

But like little girls and boys, we've grown out of these toys
Now we're starvin while you grow fatter, we want the things that really matter

Good healthcare, good schools, good jobs, and good rules
Good Wall St cops to keep an eye on you fools

You treat this country like your Turkish harem, I ain't your bith, this ain't Istanbul
You freakin' tool, I'm tired of corporate misrule...objection your honor...Overruled!

You lied and took us for a ride, don't tell us we're not qualified
To preside over this situation, we're the 99% and we're takin back this nation!!!

We're occupying Wall St cause we love the USA
You treat it like John the Baptist was treated by Salome

I want the top 1% to listen carefully to what I say
We can fix this shit now, or wait for Bastille Day...



2011 - "Well" 10-song LP
2011 - "RISE UP #Occupy Wall ST" single

Set List

We play almost entirely original music, and have about 20 original songs in our rep - over 2 hours of original music.

From time to time we will do a cover or two. The covers currently in our rep are:

"I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor
"In Your Eyes" - Peter Gabriel
"Romeo and Juliet" - Dire Straits
"Babyfather" - Sade
"She Left Me for Jesus" - Hayes Carll
"One More Cup of Coffee" -Bob Dylan