Beau Borrero and his Mom
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Beau Borrero and his Mom

Friday Harbor, Washington, United States | SELF

Friday Harbor, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter




"Good Show, Beau!"

Good show, Beau!

It was cool to spend the last week listening to Beau Borrero’s new CD, “Well.”

Most of his songs tell a story of the fun of love, balanced with the hopefulness of it, as well as the awkwardness that always seems to accompany it (in his song Stupid, he says he’s so in love his heart leaps up to squirt his brain out his ears). He has a poet’s ear for both the rhythms and rhymes that make a song do that magic thing you hope for: Draw a picture that is clear & easy to get your head & heart around. He uses the first person all the way through, which makes his personal connection to what he’s saying that much more direct…it works, as he connects to love (If I Had You, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Daydream Lover), as he connects to dreams & visions & the past (I’m Gonna Fly), as he connects to the darker part of his heart (Archangel – “I could use some help with this part of the game”) and as he connects the cello-underlined loss of love (Hole in My Heart).

Start by listening to songs on the website…. Beau seems to be a natural with the production values of the collection – the set is well-mixed & recorded, which makes it easier to listen to than most first-time albums I’ve heard. His acoustic guitar-based tunes make effective & sparing use of piano, banjo, dobro, cello, mandolin, even a harp with backup vocals that give each song its own voice. His warm, clear voice wraps the words in a baritone blanket that is easy to hear again & over again. You can hear samples on his website…check him out!

Posted on September 22, 2011 at 11:16 pm by Ian Byington - San Juan Update


2011 - "Well" 10-song LP
2011 - "RISE UP #Occupy Wall ST" single



"Life is a play and we all play a part
The lover, the dreamer, the clown
The dreamer and lover are always in tears
The clown spreads sunshine around..."
-from "Laugh Clown Laugh" by MGM Studios

If all the world's a stage, and if music be the food of love ... Beau Borrero is tragedian and court jester, troubadour and maître d' - feeding hungry souls at his own avant-garde dinner theatre. Beau has an uncanny ability to tap into the ancient Greek themes of comedy and tragedy, wearing both masks comfortably, even simultaneously, while he channels the muses.

At an early age, Beau was exposed to all kinds of music and theatre. His grandparents performed in musicals on Broadway in the 1930's, and his mother is an actress and folksinger. He recalls, "There was always music in the house - my mother singing and playing guitar, my grandparents singing, my brothers and I dancing to James Brown and Michael Jackson records."

Beau's mother was by far his biggest musical influence, and things have come full circle, as he and his mother now hit the road together as an acoustic duo. "I never thought I would get to be in a band with my mom! She is so fun to sing with, and a good guitar player, too. I couldn't really ask for a more supportive band mate." He laughs, "And besides, we know each other pretty well by now."

Beau's family life was not all singing and dancing, though. He is honest about his life experiences, saying, "Sadly, alcoholism and abuse were a big part of my childhood. By the time I was a teenager, I had a lifetime's supply of material for sad songs." In his teenage years, MTV became another source of inspiration for Beau. He recalls, "I would come home from school and watch MTV till bedtime. In my first band, I sang and played drums on Mötley Crüe and Duran Duran covers ... mildly embarrassing, but oh so much fun!"

Beau attended Yale University, where he studied Greek and Latin Literature. While studying there, he played drums and performed in different bands and choirs. Then for years, singing and songwriting hibernated within Beau while he worked as a carpenter and played drums on other's music. However, he admits, "I was totally miserable."

Beau had been dabbling with the guitar for a while, then after a devastating breakup in 2007, the stage was set. He says, "I had all these intense emotions coming up, and I knew enough guitar chords to play some music. I kept after it every day for about two years, and then realized I had an album's worth of music I really liked."

Beau's debut album, entitled Well, was released in 2011. It runs deep with themes sad and sexy, spiritual and hilarious. He describes the project, "It's tragedy, it's comedy...and everything in-between. I guess it's kind of a variety show. Musically, I tried to blend my favorite genres together - folk, pop, electronica, guitar driven rock, vocal harmonies."

Beau's ability to mix muse, mood, and melody is what sets him apart. With ten self-penned and passionately performed tracks, Borrero showcases his strengths as both a singer and a songwriter. He also displays his talent as an arranger and producer. Where else can you hear lush, layered vocal harmonies on top of instruments such as the harp, djembe, banjo, washboard, a string quartet – all mixed together? Well is full of vivid imagery and meaning, but each track also offers mockingly witty lyrics as finely tuned as any playwright's script.

Indeed life is a play, and we all play a part. Beau plays many - writer, singer, dreamer, lover, clown - and he plays them all "well." So pardon the pun, have some fun, and grab a seat at this unique little cabaret. Order up a glass of the house red, and drink deeply from Beau Borrero's Well.