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Beau Bristow

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
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Nashville-based Independent Musician to Perform Locally

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Based in Nashville, Tenn., 27-year-old Bristow has been touring since 2005, performing over 300 shows from Arizona to New Hampshire. During Fall 2008 he’s hitting the road in support of his 2008 release Standing. Still. In Bristow’s songs, the rapid-fire lyricism of Jason Mraz meets the acoustic honesty of Ryan Adams and the looping artistry of Howie Day, a combination that engages audiences from the first note.
Courtesy of Bristow’s use of looping and electronics, even his solo shows feel like a bigger experience than the usual singer-songwriter fare. Said Cat McGuire Carnley at the University of West Florida, “Beau's performance was amazing! Beau was also very easy to work with and a true gentleman! The committee is already talking about inviting him back!”
Bristow grew up in rural McCalla, Ala., and graduated from Nashville’s Belmont University with a degree in guitar and music composition. He was selected to participate in ASCAP’s pop songwriter conference in 2005 and has earned finalist and honorable mention rankings in other songwriting contests. His music has been featured in The Fourth Wall and other independent films.
"Beau is an entertaining, young songwriter who blends the elements of Nashville songwriting with pop/rock, folk, and jazz, creating a fresh sound for the independent music scene,” noted Jesse Willoughby, ASCAP Membership Representative.
Explaining what he enjoys about the moments on the stage, Bristow said, “I have always been a songwriter, but the pinnacle of that process is the presentation of the song, the connection and communication it creates with an audience.” His songs are the catalysts for conversations that Bristow relishes participating in.
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- Beau Bristow

"Indie Artists Shine Together"

In the dark, cozy setting of Eighth and Rail Friday night, Sarah Peacock and Beau Bristow took the stage as friends and played some of the best new independent music in the South.
Peacock opened with an original song titled “I Guess This Is Goodbye,” and closed her hour-long set with covers of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” and Bob Dylan’s “Big Yellow Taxi.”
Her style on stage was moody and energetic. Her music rose and fell to reflect the bright and charming personality she brought to every song.
Bristow played his original creations, songs such as “I’ve Been Tryin’” and “I’m Going Crazy (And It’s All Your Fault).”
Bristow had a slow, Clapton-acoustic sound with a lot of John Mayer and James Taylor influence which made his songs of love and life that much sweeter.
Bristow is originally from McCalla, but he resides in Nashville, Tenn., where he and Peacock both give private music lessons part time.
Bristow started his music career early with playing the piano at 5 years old.
Bristow’s influences include U2, The Normals, Derek Webb and a little Sister Hazel.
“I don’t like anything that’s not very well thought through,” Bristow said. “But some of the teen stuff is good to listen to.”
He and Peacock went to Belmont University in Nashville, where Bristow majored in music.

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"Warm Up With Bristow, Peacock, and Coffee"

For those seeking a mellow, relaxed night of music in an intimate setting this weekend, look no further than Hot Corner Coffee.
Sarah Peacock and Beau Bristow, two musicians based in Tennessee will perform there Friday night.
The musicians, who regularly tour together, will perform individually, each presenting a distinct style.
“My music is probably a blend of pop-rock with a little bit of jazz and a little bit of folk,” Bristow said. “It’s just me and a guitar, as well as some effects that allow me to sample guitar parts and record over them to layer my music. It’s kind of a one-man band in a way.”
The overall feeling of the show is relaxed, with some songs that encourage introspection and others that people can nod their heads to, Bristow said.
Peacock’s show takes an acoustic approach as well.
“I kind of have my own recipe for the typical pop-rock song,” she said.
“My goal is to be someone that people can relate to. It’s an honest delivery,” said Peacock, who is working on her first full-length album, due in the fall. “The show makes you feel like you know me — warm and fuzzy inside, like a boiling, simmering pot of joy.”
Peacock said she includes storytelling and audience participation in her shows.
“I like to be down-to-earth and personable with people,” she said.
This will be the second time the two have performed together at Hot Corner.
“I like playing there because people are receptive toward live music, and the college crowd is my target audience,” Peacock said.
Katie Collins, a second-year graduate student from Griffin and the event coordinator for Hot Corner, said the downtown coffee shop tries to hold shows every Friday and Saturday night.
The shows are always free and open to all ages.
“We don’t serve alcohol, so younger people can come and appreciate our music,” Collins said. “A lot of people have told me that they like to be able to go and listen to music without being in a bar atmosphere.”
Hot Corner’s shows range from musicians with acoustically driven sounds to those with bluegrass and folk influences, Collins said.
The coffee shop is always looking for new acts to book through demos that people bring by the shop as well as recruitment at the open mic nights held there every Tuesday, she said.
“The acoustics in the room are nice,” she said. “It’s just a laid-back, mellow place to play. It’s a really good place for people who are trying to get their name out.”

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"From The Front Seat" (2005)
"Coffee Not Included" (2005)
"Standing. Still." (2008)



Pop music, by its very nature, tends to be disposable – like bubble gum you take it from its wrapper, chew on it for a while, and then move on to the next thing. For this reason those dissatisfied with the same old taste of pop music will welcome the sound of Beau Bristow to the music scene.

Beau brings a strong songwriting style to pop / rock music that carefully balances memorable melodic hooks with insightful lyrics. A classically trained Guitarist with a Bachelor of Music in Composition/Arranging and a well read student of literature and philosophy, Beau Bristow brings music to life....or rather life to music.

His extensive knowledge of music technology arms him with a dangerous array of electronics that allows him to move an audience to ecstasy or tears all by himself. His live looping and sampling is as complex as any artist you can find and it is executed with skill that is unsurpassed. Beau is an authority and example for those who are adding live looping to their shows.

With three albums under his belt and extensive touring since 2004, Beau has engaged audiences from Arizona to New Hampshire and from Canada to Florida. Colleges, coffeehouses, clubs, fraternities, sororities, bars, festivals....the list is long and the number of Beau Bristow fans grows daily as his music continues to fly off the digital shelves at Itunes and

Beau has come a long way since those early days of sleeping in his car and burning up the road just to play a coffeehouse for gas money, and with the release of his latest recording "Standing. Still." (2008) the horizon is boundless.