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The Biography of Billy BeauCi'Fus Auguillard


Born in Lafayette, Louisiana and raised in Cecilia, Louisiana, I began writing poetry and music in May of “93”. Most of my work has been driven by my life experiences, which have been tough, but meaningful. My role as the sole bread-winner of my home came at a very early age for me. As a result, I had to take many risks and follow many different paths, some right, some wrong. Consequently, facing the reality of a mother that is an addict, siblings that needed my protection, and serving time in prison, my music and poetry became my outlet. My will to survive and my love for music and poetry have led me to create two underground albums in the past.

Known for the street hits, 1st black president, time clock, and a number of songs that created a state wide buzz through sales out of the trunk, I am living in Houston to continue pursuing a career. Now, I can only keep pushing for God’s ultimate plan in my music…the top.


(underground) now or never
(underground) conflict of interest