Beau Damion

Beau Damion

 Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Genre: Tech House, Progressive, Techno, Dubstep


A dj / producer in the Jacksonville scene; Beau Damion has rocked the public and entertained the masses with his genre merging and ever changing style.

Through website, Beau Damion has been voted #1 in Jacksonville, FL as well as currently holding a position in the top 50 artists & DJ's on the main techno genre list worldwide.

Beau Damion's experience in music doesn't just start with his mixing the last couple of years. Beau's musical ability was noticed more than 16 years ago when he took quickly to the violin, piano and guitar. His musical flare spans over multiple genres, instruments and styles.

Beau Damion preforms in a live manner always incorporating new kinds of custom programmed hardware & software into his sets. During many of his performances on stage, Damion mixes, samples and chops up tracks and clips on the fly, while programming drum, synth and effects in real time, blurring the lines between dj and live performer.

Recently Beau Damion has begun incorporating real time rendered 3-D graphics that can be controlled onstage by himself to add to the shows experience.

Since 2006, Beau Damion has been seen preforming at clubs and events all over Florida from: Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami and Tampa to out of state venues in: Austin, Houston and Atlanta. Beau is currently holding a resident night at Club TSI Discotheque in Jacksonville, Fl with upcoming out of state bookings later this year.

Set List

Sets can range from Tech House, Progessive, Techno & Dubstep.

Contained in booking contract and PDF Rider:

"Artist/DJ shall provide the following:

Artist/DJ shall play using Traktor Pro with the following set up. The Allen & Heath Xone: 4D is connected to the 1st laptop by USB. Alesis Air FX RCA to RCA into send/return. Xone: 4D master out XLR or RCA to either main system or spare channel on the mixer being using by the DJs.

Artist/DJ shall provide all these leads.

At the discretion of the Artist/DJ additional equipment may be provided:

2nd laptop running Ableton Live. Audiofire 2 soundcard connected firewrire to 2nd laptop. ¼ inch to RCA into Xone: 4D.

Artist/DJ may provide live rendered custom 3-D video graphics herein referred to as “visuals” to accompany performance. These “visuals” will be controlled remotely by Artist/DJ from the performance area. The custom “visuals” will be run only when the Artist/DJ is preforming. The Artist/DJ shall provide 3rd laptop t