Beau D'Greene

Beau D'Greene


Bluesy folk. Honest, deep, and playful. Clearly comes from a citizen of the world. Addresses concerns about the environment and likens them to love and growing up.


Beau D'Greene is a BC-born, vegan singer-songwriter, who has lived across Canada, as well as in Turkey, and Australia. Growing up her mother owned a record store and her father told tales of her dobro-playing grampa. She has a Theatre MA, with a concentration in Worker's Theatre. Folk is the way she has learned to interpret the world in which she would like to witness change. She plays a resonator guitar and occasional bass drum live, as well as a variety of other intriguing instruments on her EP:"Bicycle"

Nicholas Buchbinder is a grandchild of the BC Doukhabors. Also a vegan, Nicholas spends his time between working the Albertan oil fields and creating sculptures of social importance in Vancouver.

Beau and Nicholas live together, and met jamming at a friend's house in Kamloops.


Love Song for a Petro-Chemical Company

Written By: Beau D'Greene

I'll pump the gas into your car
O! Vampire of mine own heart!
I'll pump the gas into your car
O! Vampire of mine own heart!

We'll spill ourselves on the freeway and paint the town in tars
We'll be sassy and live gassy like the starts

And we would be
The world's greatest Petro-Chemical company
And we would rule the world
And I would be your gasoline girl

There'd be nothing left to fight for but our love!

And if we couldn't make it last
We'd send our boys abroad for oil
We'd send our boys to take it all

I'd put away my bicycle
O! Vampire of mine own heart!
I'd put an end to bicycles
I'd pump the gas into your car

[I wanna ride on my bicycle]
[I wanna ride on my bike]
[I'd ride away: I don't wanna destroy this place]
[I wanna ride on my bicycle]
[And forget about loving you]

The Happy Song

Written By: Beau D'Greene

I go out running,
and I go out on a limb
then I go out with a bang
and sit whimpering.

I come down with a fever,
I come in from the cold,
I command you to love me as I come and go.

And this is a happy song
It's a happy little song
Swore I'd write one of these
One of these days
And this is a singing-song song
A dance-in-the-livingroom song
Since I been happy,
I been happier these days

I'm as quiet as a monster
I can kill two words with one tone
Cause there is more than one way
To skin a microphone
And I've got feelings,
I've got philosophies
Got a back pocket full of weed
We can smoke it where we please
Put on Broken Social Scene
And think the nights away...

Bicycle Thief

Written By: Beau D'Greene

There's something sorta sad about a Sunday
Walk down to work, past the Sacred Heart
See people drinkin coffee
And smokin cigarettes they rolled
And I think: "I know where they got their bicycles"

There's something sorta sad about a Sunday
Dunno why nobody thinks anymore
Dunno why nobody feels anymore
Unless they're feeling somewhere else
They'd rather see
Feeling in whomelse's car they'd rather be

I didn't mean to tie you up
I didn't want to chain you down
Didn't mean to leave you
In the middle of the night
Now someone else is riding you
Around town

There's something sorta sad about a Sunday
The trams are sorta sad
and the trains are sorta sad
and they're going out to somewhere else on Sunday


Bicycle EP (11 songs, pressed and distributed in recycled cardboard cases -- enviornmentalism doesn't stop with the songwriting!)

Set List

Set List (typical)

1.Love song for a petro-chemical company
2.100465800 (the corporation)
3. Epitaph
4. Lisa
5. Working Hard/Drunken Sailor
6. The Happy Song
7. I am A Rig Wife
8. Ballad
9. Bicycle Thief
10. Sarah-Sarah Trashbag
11. Un Canadien Errant
12. Nous nous parlons plus, Helene Cixous

Beau's sets are anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half of original music and usually only contain covers of traditional folk songs, though the occasional modified cover will arise.