Beau Johnson

Beau Johnson

 Charleston, South Carolina, USA

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Take Me Home

Written By: Beau Johnson

What am I doing here?
I’ve never felt this way before.
What if I can’t find my way back home?
I’ll fall asleep on somebody’s floor.
What about the plans for my life?
What about my daughter and my only son?
I’m going to live on the hill…
I’m going to find my way to that big white mansion

Take me home
Take me home
Take me home
Take me home

I try to fool myself.
I only came for the band.
I see you kissing him
while I feel you taking my hand.
Now what am I to do?
I’m really new to the game.
I’m not in love with you,
but I’ll do this all the same.

Take me home.

He introduced me to you.
I can not open my eyes.
You’re taking all of your time.
I don’t think I’m ready for this surprise.
I hear you on the phone.
Hell no, I don’t want to stay.
I feel I’m stuck in a trap
until she came in and she saved the day.

Take me home.