Beautiful Bird

Beautiful Bird


Our music builds from sound textures, structured through live looping of keys and turntables, often described as 'Satie-like', leading to vocal statements with poetic lyrics by Kelly Michaelis' jazz styled vocals and call and response improvisation by Noah Thomas' trumpet and theremin work.


Beautiful Bird was formed in 2003 by Noah Thomas (Giant Sand, Bernadette Seacrest and Her Yes Men, Libre de Grasa, Fashionistas) and Kelly Michaelis. Our musical concept is based on our interest in vocal ensembles and improvised music. We found that the combination of the trumpet and the human voice in improvised music had a certain raw quality to it that we wanted to explore further than was possible in standard jazz ensembles. Our influences are wide and varied but include Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Art Ensemble of Chicago and Cat Power.


EP - Beautiful Bird

Set List

We are currently integrating songs from a two hour set list that can be modified based on the venue. Songs range from 4 minutes to 7 minutes in length depending on the development of sonic textures and improvisation. Our sets are predominantly original material, we do include traditional songs such as 'Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair', as well as melodic statements from jazz heads from the 50s and 60s such as Mongo Santamarias 'Afro Blue' with the lyrics adopted by Abbey Lincoln.