Beautiful Disease

Beautiful Disease


Beautiful Disease is....what contemporary rock music should strive to be. Raw, Unproduced, Crowd pleasing, Rafter Ripping Rock and Roll for the ages. A vintage musical vibe transformed and performed with a fresh flavor by five guys who truly embody the rock and roll of the past and the future.


Beautiful Disease was born in June of 2006 and is comprised of five men who felt compelled to change the sight and sound of contempory music. Since its conception the band has been making the masses stand up and take notice. After only five months together Beautiful Disease was featured on the Ocotber cover of Aquarian Magazine supplemented by a very flattering article about the band style and sound. Also featured on the cover that month were Paul Stanley of Kiss, Jeff Beck and Jerry Lee Lewis. Beautiful Disease recently released their debut, self titled EP to rave reviews by fans and critiques. Although unsigned at the moment, they are sure not to stay that way for long. With packed gigs nearly every weekend at the NY metropolitian area's premier rock venues, the crowds and overall demand for the band is increasing exponentially. At this point the band is ready to expand to new audiences and spread the Beautiful Disease like a world wide epidemic. Their live show is what sets them apart from other bands. To see this band live is to see them in their niche. The energy exuded from the stage and evoked from the crowd when Beautiful Disease performs live has been desribed as "spiritual". Influences include (but not exclusive to) Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Tool, Velvet Revolver/STP, Buck Cherry, Allman Brothers, Soundgarden, Pink Floyd...etc.


Beautiful Disease recently released their self titled debut EP to the rave reviews of fans and critiques. Several of the songs can be heard RIGHT NOW at the myspace link above. The band is constantly writing and rehearsing. Since the recording of the EP, several new songs have been penned. Those songs have already been incorporated into the bands sets and will be recorded shortly.

Set List

Beautiful Disease is a completely original band and has approximately twenty -five songs ranging in lenght from three to ten minutes. The band uses rotating set lists of 8-10 songs each totaling about one hour. Song titles include, "Save us all", "Too little Too late", "The Enemy", "The way things oughta be", "Neurotic Narcotic", "Blackout City", "RIP" and "Left Behind" just to name a few.