Beautiful Insainity

Beautiful Insainity

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN


Beautiful Insanity was formed in late January of 2011. Vocalist, Ivan Reimer and guitarist, Jaryn Friesen both came together with the same vision. “Music needs to be about more then just the sound. It’s about the message, the motive, and the purpose.”

Ivan and Jaryn played together for three years with a project called “A Fallen September”. After playing countless shows, talking to fans after shows and interacting with them they realized they can use their stories to inspire others to make something of life. Talking about topics such as drug abuse, suicide, depression, teen pregnancy, ect… Their hope is to raise awareness and give hope to the lost.

In April of 2010 Ivan went through an intense song writing workshop with Robb Nash lead singer of Winnipeg band Live On Arrival. Two solid months of pretty well learning how to write a hit, writing and recording 6 brand new tracks! That helped lead to the vision Beautiful Insanity has now.

Beautiful Insanity has been working with a company called “Because Industries” from February to March 2011. Because Industries has been involved with an organization called “Kid’s Help Phone” and they have published a book to help raise funds for Kid’s Help Phone. The book is all about how local music has impacted youth and Beautiful Insanity got one of their songs published in the book that talked about suicide. They performed at both book launches and it has been one of the most humbling experiences they have encountered yet!

Currently working on recording their debut album with Marc Labossiere from Studio 59, Beautiful Insanity is ready to be the difference the world needs. It won’t be long before your singing along with their soaring melodies!

“You know that someone thoroughly enjoyed your set when they looked deeper then the entertainment and found a message in your lyrics. That’s when you realize you really got there attention, right from the start that’s what we focused on, putting a message in our songs.” Says, lead singer Ivan.