Beautiful Orange Aqueduct

Beautiful Orange Aqueduct


Beautiful Orange Aqueduct is a progressive/experimental band based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Their diverse list of influences includes bands such as Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Sigur Ros, Dream Theater, Boards of Canada, and Pink Floyd.


After many name, style, and line-up changes, the Beautiful Orange Aqueduct that exists today was formed during the summer of 2006. Despite the fact that much of the material the band was playing at that time was written as early as late 2004, the new line-up began to give the songs a cohesiveness that they previously lacked. The sound that had leaned solely in the direction of progressive rock now began to take on qualities of experimental, ambient, and electronic music as well. Diverse influences such as Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Sigur Ros, Dream Theater, Rush, The Mars Volta, Boards of Canada, and Joe Satriani can be heard in Beautiful Orange Aqueduct’s music. However, as the band matures, the sound has continued to become more unique and experimental.
After one performance in the summer, Beautiful Orange Aqueduct began to play shows more often towards the end of 2006. They have now shared the stage with Johnny Action Figure, Relegate, Origins, Backseat Driver, Patrick J. Mencel, and many others. The band is currently writing and developing new material and playing a few shows every month.


Concerning the Transition (2006)

Set List

A typical Beautiful Orange Aqueduct set consists of songs from their first album, and new songs that are currently being developed for a future release. Cover songs written by their influences are also sometimes performed.