Beauty to Ashes

Beauty to Ashes


Beauty to Ashes can be summed up into one word, energy. They have an electrifying stage presence, and they dare to take heavy music to new levels with experimentation and the ability to keep trying new ideas. Both musicically stimulating and catchy, this band is creating a new standard for music.


Making their official start in the January 2000, these five Southern California natives have come to offer something creative to the ever-growing and innovative hardcore scene. Their style has been described as metal/punk influenced hardcore, although their influences are not limited to these specific genres. Always trying to out do themselves, they bring something fresh but at the same time something "old school" to the scene. Some have even called their style "the future of hard music". While that may be a great compliment to the band, they just continue to write music that they love and that allows them to explore their musical boundaries.

In their short existence, the band has been featured on nearly a dozen nationally distributed compilations in both the US and Canada. Including the "I'm Your Biggest Fan Vol 2" from Tooth and Nail Records which features an unreleased track from the band. *(see discography for details). Their first EP release in October 2001 entitled "In the Silence We Fight" (Vindicated Records) has drawn positive attention from many critics in the hardcore and punk community. "Straight out honest opinion: I love this album and the type of hardcore they play. It's a brutal mix of Melodic singing with Metallic hardcore and traces of punk," says's main editor.

The highly anticipated second release "Reproduce the Common Practice" from Pluto Records have proven to be the catalyst for innovation in future of punk and hardcore music. "These guys are unlike most bands in the genre and they mix hardcore, punk rock, and some metal in for an amazing ride."

Also completing their first national tour in the summer of 2002, they were privileged to share the stage with such national acts as Eighteen Visions, Throwdown, Taken, Bleeding Through, Hopesfall, and many others. Following up their summer tour, the band continued to burn the highway with winter tour 2002 bringing long time friends Genosha. They have also been featured in magazines such as Kerrang, AMP, HM Magazine, Rockpile, Outburn, Performer, and numerous independent zines.

Their main goals are to positively impact people's lives and keep playing music that they love. The band philosophy has always been, "If we can get people into our "politics" because they like our music that's great. And if we can get people into our music because they like our "politics" that's great too." Refusing to be held down by the negativity of the world today, they take pride in upholding integrity of their beliefs while still maintaining open mindedness towards other people's opinions. Their attitude has always been to stay true to themselves and the music that they love to play. These five individuals look forward to the hard work it will take to keep them on top of their game. And it's that kind of attitude that had established Beauty to Ashes as one of the most passionate and intense bands in the scene today.

Ready to take on the world, Beauty to Ashes is looking forward to a persevering future of touring and winning fans over all over the world. They are not willing to be held in by their own musical walls, so expect them to push their style and innovation to the limit. The future is coming.


Beauty To Ashes - The Robotic Conversations
Release date June 2004 Pluto Records

Beauty To Ashes - Reproduce the Common Practice
Release Date September 17, 2002 Pluto Records

Beauty To Ashes - In the silence we fight EP *out of print
Release Date October 2001 Vindicated Records

Beauty To Ashes - demo/ep; *out of print
Release Date January 2001; independent release

Beauty To Ashes - 1st demo; *out of print
Release Date February 2000; independent release

Set List

1) Fingers and Teeth-EMP
2) Bystandards of a Lifestyle Obsession
3) Vertigo-Walking the Straight and Narrow
4) Chasing the Scarecrow
5) Unveil Your Eyes
6) How to Put out a Fire with Gasoline
7) Chronicles of Life
8) We are 138