Bebado DJs

Bebado DJs


Fusing authentic brasilian and global routes music with the finest breaks and electronic beats, Bebado DJs have created a fierce reutation for world music that works on any dance floor. Bebado the legendary night has played host to the worlds finest and celebrates 6 years of rocking Glasgow


Bebado DJs are Chief, Sambadog, Ge and Zagueiro. Hailing from Glasgow in Scotland, Chief and Dog have been producing together for some 11 years over which time their technology and influences have grown and changed dramatically. Chief is an electronic wizard master producer and drum'n'bass maestro. Dog is a world music afficionado, percussionist and a mestre of the highly acclaimed samba fusion group Sambayabamba. Ge is a scratch-wizard and master of Brazilian percussion and Zagueiro joined after making a name for himself spinning his global beats all over the uk. In case you were wondering, bebado means 'drunk' in Portuguese,..

Bebado is the monthly club night they run. Now in it's 6th year, Bebado has successfully drawn together Brazilian, African, Indian, Balkan and other ethnic styles that rock, combined them with cutting edge raw dancefloor music of europe and presented it to assembled masses of Glasgow clubbers who would otherwise never have experienced the joys of what other cultures have to offer them on the dancefloor. This combined with regular live acts of rocking percussion and music from around the world and an impressive roster of like minded DJs has made it a must-go for a certain type of clubber in the city.

With the club going full steam and their weekly radio show taking off, their record boxes were under pressure to keep up with the demand for this special brand of ethnic-fusion. Their response was to start creating and remixing with gusto. With the new live environment they were motivated to churn out hugely popular tunes, remixes and mash ups at an alarming rate to feed their hungry dancefloors. The result was a bulging record box of exclusive rocking tunes throwing in beats and pieces sometimes from the big names in the world music scene and even more often from the recesses of their obsessive and well researched knowledge. An ongoing obsession.

As their alter ego, 'Irian Jaya’, Chief and Dog have had several 12" releases on Aniligital Recordings of San Francisco.


Chu Chin Chow - 12" Aniligital Recordings (2004)
Bebado de Novo - 12" Aniligital Recordings (2004)
Chilli Con Carne - 12" Aniligital Recordings (2005)
The Bebado Album - Bebado Records (2005)

Chet Boghassa - Bebado Remix

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