Bebopamoeba freely changes musical shapes from bebop to post-bop funk to bluesy swing to sultry bossa to deep-grooved acid jazz, with an emphasis on original compositions. The band performs monthly as a quartet at Manhattans Jazz Bistro ( and as a trio at Solé (


Bebopamoeba plays contemporary genre-hopping instrumental jazz, much of it original compositions, with occasional visits to more traditional territory.

We love the standards, but as a quartet we share a collective weakness for funk and soul jazz. When we do perform works by other musicians, we take an eclectic approach, acknowledging such artists as Thelonious Monk, New Orleans' Astral Project, Miles Davis, Voodoo Dogs, Jimmy Smith, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, Prince, Duke Ellington, Cream, John Scofield, The Police, Marcus Miller, Dizzy Gillespie, The Meters, Bill Frisell, The Beatles, and of course we do "The Flintstones Theme" as a touching ballad.


No Fingerprints, CD, 51 minutes

Buy the No Fingerprints CD at or from If you prefer to order in German and pay in Euros, pick a copy up at (We're big in Switzerland and northern Italy. Go figure.)

Set List

We usually do three sets of seven to ten songs each. As we're an improvisational instrumental band, song and set lengths vary. We adapt to the audience and venue.

Sample originals set (with notes)

NO FINGERPRINTS Sometimes it’s fast, clean and weirdly angular. Sometimes it’s smooth, gritty and has a Latin feel. If you do the signature run down with minor 7th and 9th chords at the end of the fourth set, it is possible to remove your fingerprints.

MO’ DALI Based on a funky minor riff. The “Mo’ Dali” title came from the word “modally” (a lazy approach to naming songs), but the track also had the sound of various clocks in it for a while, referencing Dali’s landscapes of melting clocks.

KILL BOSSA A mostly bossa tribute to the "Kill Bill" films, the Benny Golson standard "Killer Joe," and of course the large Polish sausage.

NIGHTSHIFT AT DOSTOYEVSKY’S DINER A moody but whimsical guy named Dostoyevski works nightshift at his own 24-hour diner because can’t stomach dayl