Bec & Sebastian

Bec & Sebastian

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Magnetic and real. We love what we do and it comes through in our music through the depth of our lyrics and our characters in performance. We have a strong bond which we find can be quite infectious.


To see Melbourne twins Bec and Sebastian perform is to witness something special.
Standing on stage they’re casual, at ease, and at home - but still manage to radiate an infectious intensity and command your attention.
They’re magnetic, captivating, and no doubt on the way up.
It’s rare to discover a duo that has not just raw talent, but the drive and desire to push them to greater heights.
There’s no pretention when it comes to Bec and Sebastian – they do what they do because they love it, and they’re damn good at it.
Sebastian – already an established writer and producer – immersed himself in music from a young age.
Once he realized the extent of sister Bec’s natural singing ability (she’s never had formal lessons), he encouraged her to take the leap to the stage with him, and they’ve been making huge strides forward ever since.
The siblings have an incredibly close bond, and their chemistry clearly translates when they perform.
Since coming together as a musical duo, the pair has experienced a rapid rise.
Bec and Sebastian shot into the spotlight when they were mentored by Ricky Martin on The Voice Australia, winning plenty of fans and supporters with their charismatic performances.
They’re already starting to make a name for themselves on the live music circuit, thanks to their high energy and soulful sound.
The pair has supported Bertie Blackman for Ben and Jerry’s Sunday Sessions, wowed audiences at the Sydney International Food and Wine Festival and sung on stages all over the state.
After showing the country what they can do with covers, they’re now hard at work in the studio writing original music.
Honest and heartfelt, and bursting with passion and potential, Bec and Sebastian are an act to keep an eye on.


Blazing Guns

Written By: Sebastian Ivanov/Rebecca ivanov

Blazing Guns
Written by S.Ivanov/R.Ivanov
In the heart, of the storm
All can feel impossible
Make a dream, come to life,
You deserve but you have to fight

So, Raise your voice up now,
Shout it out so loud,
There is nothing to lose,
Put your fist up high, finger to the sky
Quite playing the fool

Tonight we’re one, live like you’re young
With your blazing guns, blazing guns
Tonight we’re one, live like you’re young
With your blazing guns, blazing guns
Break the walls, knock them down
Tread the rumble that’s left on the ground
Shattered glass, It can ache
Push the limit protecting you before break




We hurt in love, we hurt in war,
But this is what’s worth fighting for,
To live, to love, to breath it in,
Because this where it begins