Because We Are Human

Because We Are Human


Because We Are Human, Bloomington's hottest new indie band, is building a loyal and rabid fanbase as it spreads it's music across the area.


Because We Are Human is an indie rock trio based in Bloomington, Indiana. With influences ranging from Bon Iver to Explosions in the Sky, Keane to Dredg, the touch of post-rock along with the passion and heart reinforces and connects with all the highs and lows of life and the emotion we feel because we are human.


Zero Gravity

Written By: Because We Are Human

I'm takin lessons on how to be free
I'm takin lessons in zero gravity
I'm learning how to not be weighed down,
I'm takin lessons in zero gravity, zero

I'm takin lessons to learn how to fly
I'm takin lessons to feel alive
I'm learning how to get off the ground
I'm takin lessons in zero gravity, zero

And I soar above


Zero Gravity (2010) - Single available streaming on and

Set List

We typically play a 30-60 minute set comprised of all originals.