Be Cautious

Be Cautious

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopR&B

I'm the hottest writer alive. I'm not a "rapper" - I am a "writer".


Straight from the mean streets of Los Angeles, California, "BCTHERICHBUM" set out to be the opposite of what statistics were for a young black male growing up in poverty. His main outlet to the streets was to write music. In fact, BCtherichbum wrote the majority of a soundtrack for the 1st krump dvd entitled 'Shake City 101'. Within that feature film, he played the role of "Hurricane".

From the age of 14 to17, Bctherichbum was a member of a trendy LA area rap group called "Mic Check", who later were signed to an independent label. During this time, they accomplished many things like walking the red carpet at the BET awards, the #1 song on, and features in top magazines such as Urban League and Word Up.

After deciding to go solo at 18, he began to teach choreography and tour as a dancer. While he enjoyed dancing, he realized there was a much bigger goal to be reached through his music. From that point on, he decided to take his two favorite things he loved the most and combine them into his performance. This made it hard for other rappers to compete with Be Cautious's stage presence. Being the lyrical MC he was, dancing only added more uniqueness to his style. This attracted different people from many different cultures and backgrounds. This helps sustain his crown as the first dancing MC! REAL MC!

In pursuit of his goal, he has not lost sight of his personal values, choosing to avoid temptations that have sidetracked his peers.


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A fire band!