Bec Castleton

Bec Castleton


I don't really have a band i'm more solo.. I like to write deep stuff...but i like fun stuff to...I'm also into writing christian music...especially for kids...which is always fun. I play keyboard, guitar, and sing....all things i'm passionate about..


I don't know what to write for my biography...i started singing when i was about 7 and wrote my first song when i was 10...i've done some recoring with a friend called Justin Murphy who has a recording contract with
Imporium music...he is soon to release an album and will start touring soon. I also have done alot of work with a good friend of mine. He may feature in some of my work...I also love kids and they have influenced me alot, as well as my experiences and my love for god..I'm only 14 which is kinda young but i'm passionate about music and hope to get somewhere with it.


You'll be fine

Written By: Bec Castleton

Sometimes I find myself asking
Why can't life be perfect
But deep down inside me I know
That there's a way out of this misery

When things get tough we all try to hide
We run away from all the problems in our life
But there's no way out when your running away
You gotta look for the right words to say

I love it when i don't thin before i speak
Cuz it's only then when you hear the real me
Stop saying sorry for what you truly believe
Cuz it doesn't matter no more

You'll be fine
You'll be ok
You'll be happy or happier
You're gonna find the right words to say

Why do we always smile when we're upset
What's the point in acting ok over something you regret
I'm sick of acting sick of pretending i'm fine
It's ok in a play but not in real life

What's with the gossip and what's with being a bitch
It's like it's the latest craze for girls that is
Why are so many people afraid to be themselves
All they do is cover what's real with that crap of the shelves

Look inside yourself I'm sure you'll find
All the answers to the questions in your mind
Nothing is ever impossible
Just believe in yourself

and you'll be fine
You'll be ok
You'll be happy or happier
You're gonna find the right words to say


I haven't released anything yet...but i'm entering a songwriting contest in February next year (2008) so if that goes well i hope to start from there

Set List

I don' really have a set list....probably just a mix of up beat stuff, slow stuff and in the middle stuff...depending on the gig of course