Beckon Q

Beckon Q

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Beckon Q? The "Q" is a bit scary right? Don't be shy... Becky Johnson beckoning Lukas Quanstrom to play some tunes with her and there it is. The rarity of two vocal front, combined with their acoustic roots creates a sound that is both new and memorable.


In November of 2006, Chicago-based singer-songwriters Becky Johnson and Lukas Quanstrom teamed up to form the band Beckon Q?. Their beginning marked a unique formation of a double front man, male and female approach to the stage that capitalized on their acoustic roots and strong vocal compatibility. Becky's soft, melodic approach combined with Lukas' rhythmic and emotive style creates Beckon Q's unique blend. Beckon Q has just released their debut album, "Your Chance"? which is available on itunes and follows a slew of shows including opening for Mandisa from American Idol and Toby Mac at House of Blues Chicago, Need to Breathe, Starfield, Chris Young, and the Wreckers. They have since added Nathan Ykema as a full-time member on bass guitar and Scott Dalheim on electric guitar. Nate's bass training includes working with Victor Wooten during his 10 years of experience. Scott pulls experience from his previous work with Escape from Earth as well as studio work over the past 6 years of his music career. Currently, Chris Ellison plays drums for the band, having stopped working on many side projects to focus solely on the backline of Beckon Q.


Steal You

Written By: Beckon Q

try as I may, it’s impossible
to get in your head, make myself seem I’m known
there are too many wants, all the noise is getting cluttered
my number’s called, low priority today, its this way every day
I want to steal you and never look back
run with you wherever you I can distract
to get you to see, is a chore itself
and stopping the spin, you’ve been living in each day
running every which way
I want to steal you and never look back
run with you wherever you I can distract
leave all of the pieces undone lives unpacked
jump into an ocean of lost, can’t be tracked
lonely lives, you wanted to lead
but I can’t surmise, so easily
only love you well, only love you well, you only

When Does a Look

Written By: Beckon Q

when does a look, become a stare
and I’m aware, nothing good’s gonna come of this
and I hide my lonesome eyes from thinking too much
about this mess that I hide myself within
only to lose myself, in what I think
only to lose myself if you say I’m pretty
I cannot see the truth tonight
I cannot see through wrong and right
you’re stepping up, your feet are walking up to me
I’m at the point to chose my move or lose
my head is turned away from this scripted scene
I’ve got my heart, my head, my mind screaming loud
maybe you’ll go, decide my fate for me
but now you’re here, you’re near and staring
like a dart to the heart
I cannot see the truth tonight
I cannot see through wrong and right
cause baby you’re sweet, you’re like gold to me
and I know there is reason to turn around and run
you’re kind, you’re all that’s on my mind
I know, I know, I’ve got to go

Reason Why

Written By: Beckon Q

everything I see, about how you chose to live your life is a mystery,
a mystery not just to me
watching you as you, live like there’s no consequence to your being,
all wrapped up in your own world
can’t you see outside, the tiny little box you created when you chose to be
a secret society
when you find the reason why, you forget you asked
pretend you knew the reason, though you’re shocked out your mind
that there’s a good reason why, to give up your life
and spend it on a reason why
do you see the plan, you laid out for yourself, it’s fairly simple,
just worry about yourself
don’t forget to turn, your eyes and close your eyes if you have the chance,
to peek out from your own life
the world comes caving in, you escape to a place
where you’re in control, where the pain and the hurt can’t get in
it makes no sense right now, but you want to have a why
and now you’ve got the chance, to have a reason why

Your Chance

Written By: Beckon Q

you are not invisible
you are not alone
you are not undesirable
you are bright and strong
all of the times you thought, you were no one at all
all of the times you thought, you had no chance, well baby, this is your chance
you are not a misfit no one is normal, there is no perfect
you are not a mistake, there is a reason for living and being alive

Changed Your Mind

Written By: Beckon Q

you don’t call me love, like you used to anymore, you
seems like you’ve gone away, gone away
seems like you’ve changed your mind, changed your mind
you don’t look right on, into my eyes when we talk, you
seem like you drift away, float away, you know
you can’t change, anything in our yesterday
it’s true your love, has gone missing, it washed away
you don’t dream big dreams, of peace love and all good things, you
seem like you shrink away, fade away
all this talk of wanting to stay in
really drifting is all you’ve ever been
floating, fading, away


Written By: Beckon Q

walking away from my life, leaving the past hurries and all that at goodbye
stepping in sync with you, maybe I’ll catch something good, like a love-sick cold or flu
wondering where we will go, but that don’t matter now, you stole me at hello
I’ve got not a time constraint, just feels like a second here is at least a minute gained
my baby you’ll be, we’ll walk down the street in love, love, love, love
my baby you’ll be, we’ll talk of the life in love, love, love, love
so step right up on this curb, before a taxicab does have my last dessert
we’re not alone this night, sure there are others in this world, but none of them even reach my sight
cause I’m not a memory man, but I know I would not forget, even though it tried and it ran
the smell of your neck right there, under that piece of your ear covered in that long blond hair
I left all my crazy thoughts, dropped them on the hardwood floor
decided night were best spent alive, and from that moment I knew I
I was dropped, pushed, shoved, and headed overboard

Written on my Soul

Written By: Beckon Q

come a little closer now dear, you know I’m not a fan of distance, oh love
take a seat, come and rest beside me, you know I’m not a fan of distance, my love
and never, will a moment, ever go
where your name, isn’t written, on my soul
tell the joke, only you and I know, you know you are the only one who makes me laugh, like that
say goodnight, say goodbye to the street lights, it’s time we take a trip out of this busy life
I never seem to find the words I wish and dream to say to you how much I
I never seem to find the solid place to read between the lines of what I can and
cannot do to show you I need you I love you, wanna put my arms around you and not let go oh and if the space between us is far and I can’t reach you
I will sing, I will sing, I will sing

Stay Here

Written By: Beckon Q

let’s go back to sleep, back inside our dreams
wrapped in blankets close, the day will not start without us
stay here in our own little world
stay here in our own little world
shades are closed, there is no day
coffee can wait, the clock hesitate oh
rest your head on my heartbeat again
stay here in our own little world can be we be for awhile
stay here in our own little world
lying one sweet lullaby, drink in every blink, every sigh
oh nothing could better my life, than wrapped up in you

Child Run

Written By: Beckon Q

the body breathing, is the one and only sign
that heaven’s needed, and hell not a find
and through the cold night, the long and lonely day
I await hope, you rant and rave
the feel of control, has left you for good
you’re in need of return, a breath free of fog
run, run, child run, to the arms of the other
run, run, child run, to the arms of a father
the body’s leaving, the will to stay strong
all that’s fleeing, has left you a heart
beating lonely, blood can be fuel
I know a wholeness, but you want your will
the touch of a love, the fill of a drink
add in your nerve, you run, no you flee
there is no turning back from our strength and our fight
there is no sense in losing control
with our eye on the prize and the prize on our mind

I am One

Written By: Beckon Q

it’s so easy to get lost, in a mess of signs, telling me where I should go
and I know, you are somewhere, out there, waiting for me
I am one, person in this great story,
I am one woman, finding my way
I am one daughter to a great maker
I am one child, finding my way
can you meet me when I’m sleeping, can you meet, when I’m awake
can you meet me when I’m crazy, saying things, I should not say
and I know, you are somewhere, out there, waiting for me
and all around, I float and flounder, falling all over again
but you are there, yeah you’re always there
catching me when I fall, when I fall


Album: "Your Chance"
Available everywhere digital music is sold.

Set List

Typically 45-90 minutes in length.
Can do covers, do mostly originals.

Example list:
Fight Song
Steal You
When Does a Look
Child Run
Stay Here
This Man
Your Chance
Changed Your Mind
Written on My Soul
Reason Why
I am One