Beck Sian

Beck Sian


Singing is Beck's passion and this is obvious in both her recordings and her live performances. The music - a beautifully blended presentation of original songs inspired by nature, storms and ghost stories, and her fascinating and haunting interpretations of Celtic and Folk ballads. Emotive. Unique!


Source Country: Australia and the United Kingdom
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Address: Haunted Forest Productions
c/o- Rebecca Robson, ‘Mathrafal’, Meifod,
Powys, WALES, SY22 6HT, United Kingdom
Musical style: Contemporary Female/Celtic/World/Lyrical/Folk
Similar artists: Kate Bush, Loreena McKennitt, Joni Mitchell, Clannad, Enya, Jewel, Maddy Prior, Cara Dillon, Joan Baez, Sarah McLachlan.

• Beck Siàn was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her mother is Welsh, and her father was born in England, but is from an Irish family. With Welsh and Irish blood, it seems only natural that Beck was going to be drawn to all things Celtic – everything from the Celtic artwork and mythology, to the musical instruments and haunting singing-styles. There is definitely a strong Celtic thread in Beck Siàn’s music – even when singing Australian songs and modern compositions.

• Related to English singer Kate Bush, it was her creative influence and artistic inspiration that sparked Beck's desire to dance, sing and play music.

• Beck Siàn’s original music is heavily influenced by the natural environment surrounding her, as well as storms, the seasons and ghost stories. Her first album, ‘Unfurling’, was set within an Australian Rainforest. Her second full-length CD, ‘Luminous Wings & Unseen Things’ (currently being recorded) is set within the formal gardens of a Welsh Castle.

• ‘Unfurling’ was named for the unfurling of the fern fronds in the forest, and for the unfurling of Beck’s true and new self within that environment. After years of battling depression and addictions, Beck Siàn moved to a cottage in the forest, with a guitar and a book of chords, and taught herself how to play. Having always loved writing little poems and stories, Beck began to set them to music. And so, ‘Unfurling’ was born, and Beck’s new journey as a singer/songwriter began.

• Beck Siàn arrived in the UK in mid 2006 for her first British tour. It is still going, and is expected to continue until the end of 2010, at which point Beck will return to Australia, where she can see herself living in a little cottage on a mountain in Tasmania.

• Beck Siàn is currently residing in a Welsh valley, where dragons once circled the skies, and where stories of the supernatural abound. Not surprisingly, many notebooks have already been filled with excited scribblings – lots of fantastic material for future albums?

• Beck Siàn was the winner of the Ranges Folk Festival Songwriting Award 2004, for her song ‘Under Thunderous Skies’, featured on her ‘Unfurling’ album.

• Beck Siàn has been described as ‘Ethereal, graceful and colourful, with her fiery red hair and Celtic tattoos – a striking presence with a crystal-clear soprano. She interprets traditional songs with contemporary flair and plenty of emotion. She silences audiences with her breath-taking voice and presence.”

Beck Siàn has performed with, supported, and shared the same bill with many well-known and wonderful artists since coming to the United Kingdom, including: Opening for Julie Felix at Shrewsbury Abbey, and also the Buckingham Summer Festival; Opening for Keith Potger (The Seekers) at the St. Valentine’s Festival in Sutton Coldfield; Sheila Chandra at the Old Down Acoustic Club; Sean Lakeman and Kathryn Roberts at Folk In The Barn, Kent; Ember, Mabon and Rachel Hair at the Celtic Festival of Wales, The Acoustic Strawbs at the Red Lion Folk Club, Nashville recording artist Kim Richey to name just a few.

Beck Siàn’s performances can include songs from many different genres; Celtic, Folk, World, Gothic, Contemporary Ballads, Medieval, Tudor, Classical, Regency. Beck Siàn adapts her sets of music according to the venue, and for that reason, is well-suited, and often invited, to perform at Folk Festivals, Folk Clubs, Medieval Festivals and themed weddings, World Music Festivals, Celtic Festivals, Acoustic Festivals and venues, New Age Festivals. Faery Festivals, etc.

A brief list of some of the places where Beck Siàn has performed since coming to the United Kingdom in 2006 (and has most often been invited back for future gigs) , includes…

Red Lion Folk Club, Birmingham (performed two year’s running, with a third date booked for next year)
Woodman Folk Club (twice so far,with a 3rd gig booked)
Chase Folk Club (have booked a second gig)
Brewood Folk Club (have booked a second gig)
Willenhall Folk Club
Old Down Acoustic Club
Topic Folk Club
Folk At The Barn
Dunfermline Folk Club (have booked a second gig)
Kirkcaldy Acoustic Club
Wessex Folk Festival
Wheaton Aston Folk Festival (about to perform for the third year in a row)
St.Valentine’s Folk Festival
Green Man Festival
3 Wishes Faery Festival
Celtic Festival of Wales
Buckingham Summer Festival
Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon (have re-booked)
Hawth Theatre, Crawley (have r


'Waltzing Matilda' EP
'Ethereal' EP
Currently recording 'Luminous Wings & Unseen Things'

Set List

A typical set would be 2 x 45 minutes, but Beck is willing to fit in with each venue's preferences.

A typical performance at a theatre might include:

'Samain Night' by Loreena McKennitt
'She Moved Through The Faire' - traditional
'Moss' by Beck Siàn
'Ethereal' by Beck Siàn
'Down By The Salley Gardens' - traditional
'Warm & Soothing' by Kate Bush
'Siuil a Ruin' - traditional
'Songbird' by Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac)
'Blue/River'by Joni Mitchell
'Black Is The Colour' - traditional
'I Can't Help Falling In Love' by Elvis Presley
'Rain' by The Beatles
'Under Thunderous Skies' by Beck Siàn
'Waltzing Matilda' - traditional
'Greensleeves' - traditional
'Tangled In Green' by Beck Siàn
'Bushes & Briars' - traditional
PLUS... instrumental pieces on whistle, percussion, didgeridoo and snippets of poems and emotional and often humorous story-telling between songs.