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Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF
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"Providence Phoenix 2004"

The Becky Chace Band: Rescue

You know it’s not right that Becky Chace is still putting out records on her own. I mean, what does a performer have to prove to get a reasonable record deal? Hello? Becky’s got the goods, people. She can write, sing, play, and arrange. She can do it electric or acoustic. She can yell and she can whisper and get her message across both ways. She can speak from her heart, and she can see things through the more sober prism of her head.

Fortunately, Rescue, her new disc, proves all of this. So she doesn’t have to bust her ass convincing everyone — the music magically does the talking. It’s a quantum leap better than her last recording and a gratifying demonstration of her true potential as a performer. The opening title cut is perhaps her best tune yet, with gorgeous acoustic guitar serving as a bed underlying her substantive wordsmithing: "Broken like a puzzle, pieces on the floor / You can’t put us back together like before." There’s great stuff on the 14 tunes, all the way through the romping "You Get Wet" and the closer, a full version of "I Believe," a song the band stretches out live that features Chace cuttin’ loose.

Though she’s had some line-up shake-ups recently, word has it that the band is better and crisper than ever. Perhaps it was the change she needed to take her act to the next level. One thing’s for sure — Rescue, recorded with Joe Moody at Danger, won’t hurt her chances. As one of the better local discs of the year, it just might do the trick.

- Bob Gulla

"Time to 'Chace' away your blues"

Rhode Island native Becky Chace will play a show at Crimson Frog Coffeehouse in Camp Hill Friday night, in support of her eighth independently-released album, "A River Under Me."

Chace is one of New England's most celebrated singer-songwriters and is arguably one of the busiest as well. Not only is she a record-producing machine, but she's also a touring maniac, having opened for national acts such as Joan Jett, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Delbert McClinton and Little Feat, to name a few.

And with good reason: Chace has quite a voice. She's been compared with Bonnie Raitt and Melissa Etheridge, and I can totally see the similarities. But she's original: Her voice is soulful and powerful, but there's a vulnerability and intimacy that's intriguing and really lovely. Apparently the readers of the Providence Pheonix in Providence, R.I., agree with me; they've voted Chace Best Female Vocalist in their Music Poll five times in the last six years.

The music itself is an interesting folk/rock/blues hybrid, well-crafted and different on every track. I really dig her newest album, "A River Under Me," especially the track "River." Its meandering, bluesy style, coupled with Chace's killer vocals, is amazing. "Sometime" is great, too, and so is "Lonely." Basically, I love the whole album and I'm Becky Chace's newest fan.

Chace feels that the new album represents her coming full circle in her career.

"With 'A River Under Me' I feel I've gotten back to where I began, with the songs being the most important thing," Chace says. "I'm really looking forward to the tour and being able to play this material live."

Lately, she has been performing as a duo with longtime friend and guitarist Brian Minisce, who joins in on vocals at times (like on my new favorite song "River"), which, for her, is a welcome change from playing in larger groups.

"The acoustic duo allows Brian and me a chance to connect more intimately with our audience, and I really feel that's what's needed right now," Chace says.

For more information on Chace, check her out at, where you can hear samples of most of her songs. To hear tracks from "A River Under Me," visit her at - ALEXIS DOW c/o The Patriot-News, Harrisburg PA

"Awarded Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter 2006"

Becky Chace

“At this point it’s a little embarrassing,” Becky Chace admits, after
she won an award this year despite being buried in a competitive
singer-songwriter category. “I sure didn’t expect to win.” While
Becky credits her exposure in the media with the fact that people
recognize her and, therefore, vote for her, those who know her work
know that she’s underselling herself. Chace is a premier writer and
performer who appears now to be entering into the prime of her
career. Even though, that is, her artistry is changing. “I’m in a
transitional period,” she says. “I’m about to go in and record my
first solo album.” That is, Becky Chace without the “Band.” “I’ve
been playing with a lot of different people,” she says, “and I’m
really enjoying it. But I’m not gonna jump into it before I’m ready.”
Becky’s newest approach is more acoustic in nature. “I started
writing this way last fall and what came out was a more moody, mellow
thing. It was an area I was headed to with the band before we split.
It’s more soulful, I think.”

All this “mellowing” came about for a few reasons. “I’m really happy
right now, for one,” Becky explains. “No offense to my bar fans, but
I began to wonder whether it was about the music or about the beer!”
Chace also just turned 30 last summer and she used that milestone to
begin performing at a few quiet coffeehouses. “I really liked that
world. It’s a healthy environment that I haven’t been around in
years. It was a refreshing change.” Not that she’s going to become a
folkie or anything. In fact, she sees a time when she’ll jump back
into rock and roll when things in her life realign. But right now
she’s content to ride out this mellow buzz. “Let me change directions
and see what it yields. I just turned a corner and I’m feeling more
confident than ever. I guess anything could happen.”
- Providence Phoenix


"With her smoky voice and blues-laden guitar, Providence's Becky Chace is a steamy cauldron of music, purveying the sort of countrified roots/folk rock that hits with a gritty, earthy edge. There's an authenticity to Chace that makes her music captivating, and in the same breath makes her difficult to categorize: she's a singer-songwriter who transcends a number of genres, pulling together common threads into solid music that commands a listeners' attention." Victor D. Infante Worcester Telegram and Gazette - Worcester Telegram & Gazzette

"Various Publications"

"Becky leaves herself open in her music in many respects, and that intimacy creates the potential for genuine human connection. She does this throughout Rescue as she has in the past."
Jim Vickers, Motif

"The second disc from this talented Rhode Island band is a stunning collection of original roots rock, folk, and blues...This album is definitely worth a listen."
The Boston Globe

"Has someone seen the future of rock & roll and her name is Becky Chace ? Well, there seems to be a strong argument for it, and Chace herself strives to put on a show of Bruce Springsteen caliber."
Charlene Arsenault, Worcester Magazine

"Becky has the voice of an angel who just got her heart ripped out by the devil."
Pete Dodd, The New Haven Advocate

"The new album is sure to add steam to the already heady progress of the Chace career. This disc's songs achieve more of an all around rock 'n' roll sound....Chace might be compared to some delightful combination of Bonnie Raitt, Joan Osborne and Mary- Chapin Carpenter."
Jay Miller, The Patriot Ledger

"Chace, with co-writers Minisce and Annunziata, write and perform soulful, heartfelt material, full of vivid imagery, empathic lyrics, and tough but understated playing."
Bob Gulla, The Providence Phoenix

"Becky and Brian have a chemistry, built over years of mutual respect and an affinity for reaching into the heart and imagination of an audience." Jim Vickers, Motif Magazine

- Various Quotes

"Boston Globe"

The Becky Chace Band


BooMooBel Records

The second disc from this talented Rhode Island band is a stunning collection of original roots rock, folk, and blues. Although lead singer Becky Chace’s remarkable voice is reason enough to listen, this foursome also has musical chops that rate with any local band. From the classic blues sound of Woman Blues to the heartfelt, acoustic Gold to the rocking My Heart, the Becky Chace Band seamlessly takes on different genres like a band that has played together for 20 years. Guitarist Brian Minisce drops killer riffs throughout, most notably on the mini-epic title song. And thumping bass lines and spot-on drumming add a rich, textured sound along the way. The lyrics are honest and accessible on most cuts, with the dark yet beautiful "Warhol" being a particular standout. This album is definitely worth a listen.

- Mick Emmett

"Becky Wins Best Female Vocalist for 5th Time"

Making It Matter
A battle-tested artist on the local music scene, Becky Chace knows what it takes to win top prize in the Best Music Poll. She had won this category in four consecutive years before hitting a slight bump in '04. But the funny thing is, she didn't use that knowledge this time out to capture it. "A friend of mine said, 'You know, you didn't even try this year and you still won, so there must be people out there who are still excited about the band.' " While campaigns do indeed help garner important votes, some acts let their music, and only their music, do the talking. This year, Chace falls into the latter category. "I'm excited to be in such a creative period with the band," she says. "We're doing a ton of writing, and now we're all on the same page, musically and almost politically." There was a period of readjustment this year, with the introduction of two new members; drummer Don Culp and bassist Mark Minisce now round out the lineup with guitarist Brian Minisce. The sound is tough and tender, with a decidedly rootsy feel. "Our biggest change is that we've stopped playing covers except for a few we really like, and we stopped playing cover rooms." The band is in a confident, comfortable place, playing two long, muscular sets every night out. "Right now we're interested in making real statements," says Becky. "We want to explore our roles in this world and where we're headed." That means substantive changes stylistically, too. "The music is more spacious," she explains. "We like to say that the fifth and sixth member of the band are space and dynamics" The goal of these changes is both simple and profound. "I wanna make sure people look back at what they heard and say, 'Wow, did you hear what they said? It really matters.' " - Bob Gulla - Providence Phoenix


A River Under Me / Becky Chace / LP (2007)
The Best Of Me / Becky Chace / LP (2007)
Live at The Barnsider / Becky Chace / LP (2006)
Rescue / The Becky Chace Band / LP (2004)
Used Cars (Acoustic) / The Becky Chace Band / LP (2002)
Entertaining Road Hazards / The Becky Chace Band / EP (2002)
Take Your Shot / The Becky Chace Band / LP (2000)
Play Me / Becky Chace / LP (1998)



Chosen Best Female Vocalist 5 times by the readers of the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll, Becky has been called "one of the most celebrated singer/songwriters to come out of the RI area." Motif Magazine

Anyone who has seen Becky sing in any setting knows she delivers with passion and conviction every time she takes a stage. She's released 8 CDs since her recording career began in 1998. Her recordings have received critical acclaim from publications including The Boston Globe who called Chace’s Take Your Shot “a stunning collection of original roots rock, folk, and blues." Together with longtime friend and guitarist Brian Minisce, Chace has opened for such national acts as B.B. King, Joan Jett, America, Judi Collins, The Gin Blossoms, Better Than Ezra, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Littlefeat, Delbert McClinton, and Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes to name a few. The Worcester Telegram recently called her a “...steamy cauldron of music, purveying the sort of countrified roots/folk rock that hits with a gritty, earthy edge.”

Becky Chace believes that music should be used as a tool to bring people together. Her entire career has been a testament to her vision of what music can do. Like her idols, Dylan, Springsteen, and Lucinda Williams, she has always believed there is more than one way to get her message across. Whether by rocking the house playing rock and blues or by playing in an intimate setting with just an acoustic guitar and her voice to communicate her message, Chace proves genres and styles don't matter as long as the singer expresses herself with passion.

In 2009, Becky and Brian released a music video for their song Some Time. Filmmaker Rachel Ferro turned the entire experience into a full-length feature film documentary which includes footage of Becky and Brian's 2007 month long tour of the East Coast. Becky and Brian continue to write, record, and perform together throughout New England as a duo. In 2010, Becky was nominated for Best Acoustic Singer/Songwriter in the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll, opened for B.B. King, and started recording her 9th CD. Becky and Brian currently play throughout New England and have plans to span the East Coast in the Fall of 2011.