Becky Thomas

Becky Thomas


Named NAMA's 2011 Best Female Artist, Becky's unique weaving of story and song tickles the funny bone, stretches the mind, inspires faith and enlarges the heart. Audiences of all ages can relate to her captivating style and unique voice, feeling inspired, touched and thoroughly entertained.


Becky Thomas, a storyteller and Gospel recording artist, has been spinning stories and songs since she was knee high to a grasshopper. Drawing from a mixed heritage, her music is a blending of gospel, rock, folk, country and Native American sounds. Known initially as a worship leader and pastor, in recent years she has been drawn back to the stories of her Cherokee ancestors which has had a deep impact on both her life and her music.
Carrying a love for all people and the ability to adapt her presentation to all ages and ethnic groups, she nevertheless has a strong commitment to incorporating the indigenous sound and expression of Native Americans.

"I'm a bit of a mixed up girl - born in the east in Bristol, TN, raised in North Carolina, then southern California, for college I went to Hawaii and met a Canadian, got married and took off with him to Switzerland. After conceiving our first child we headed to his home town, Vernon, BC. It was the west coast people of Canada that began to teach me about what it means to be native, and I learned their way of dancing and expression. Then we moved to Saskatchewan and I've been exposed to prairie culture - native and non. So whether I'm confused or educated widely is up for others to decide but I like to refer to myself as the 'twisted sister' with so many different influences". In recent years, the music of Walela, and Cheryl Bear have been her favourites. She also draws from artists such as Alison Krause and Union Station and contemporary Christian worship artists such as The Jesus Culture.

To attend an event with Becky Thomas, one can't help but feel like one's heart has been stretched a little, maybe even transformed. Her authentic sound and pitch perfect lyrics bring us together, telling us the stories we all need to hear and bringing us into that sacred space where can experience the love of our Creator.


Spirit Way

Written By: Becky Thomas

You are the Great Spirit
Creator, Waymaker
Jesus, the Truthsayer
Lead us in Your ways

Your are the Joygiver
And You;re my soul's center
The Covenant Keeper
Keep me in Your way

One God, one Lord, one Christ
One Father uniting our tribes
One fire that burns with many flames
Keep us in, keep us in, keep us in the Spirit way,
Keep us in, keep us in, keep us in the
Jesus way
Heyah, heyah, heyah hey!

Fierce as lions roaring
You're the eagle soaring
Earth, sky and the oceans
Underneath Your wings

You are Heaven's wisdom
Holding earth's foundations
Sovereignty of nations,
Let Your Kingdom come!

God of the Moose

Written By: Becky Thomas

He's the God of the Moose
God of the eagle
He's the Lord of these spruce
And of our people
Creator of every creature that moves
And everything that breathes
He is my God

Late one December when there was a thick blanket of snow laying over the ground
A friend comes to my house and says, "Hey ah, what do you want
to do today?   Why not go hunting, let's get a moose?"
That's a great idea but first let me pray,
You see the elders were hungry,
there was no food that day

"Lord, we need a moose, and we need it today.
Thank You, Lord", and that's all that I prayed
Well my friend's eyes start rolling around in his head
And he says, "Yep, I bet the Creator's got a moose
all tied up by now".
"Well then, what are we waiting for, let's go get our moose".
So we headed down south to the mouth of the Chiwaka

Well the lake was frozen so we went on down
After 300 meters we heard a sound
A lot of noise was rattling over the dike
We looked and we saw there was a bull moose jumping
There was a bull moose jumping

He jumped up and down but was stuck in place
He'd been testing the dogwood there in that space
Someone had set a wolf snare out
When the moose took a bite the snare went into his mouth

I guess he heard our skidew when up jerks his snout
And the snare came together and tied up his nose
In less than an hour we had gone home with that moose
And a heck of a lot of meat

Remembering my friend I said,
"I know that you think this is just coincidence
But my God is a living, breathing Spirit
Creator of all that we see
He's not made out of wood or stones
Let me introduce you to Him
He's the God of the Moose...........

Fish In The Morning

Written By: Becky Thomas

Hello, my name is Elsie, I've a story to tell
It happened many years ago when I was just a girl
In the month of April we were hungry, we were poor
There was no food left to be found round here anymore

And so my older brothers took a trip up to the creek
The fish, they were spawning right that very week
They caught 169 rainbow trout
They brought them to the house
Dad said "you must use every part
Don't be wasting now!"

Fish in the morning, fish every noon
Fish in the evening, the in between times too
It was dried, it was baked, it was fried and we ate
Fish every meal all through the month of May

So we went to help our mother clean the fish and dry it too
We had fish guts in the kitchen, in the parlour, in our rooms
Those slippery, slimy green eyes would gaze up from my spoon
I'd even catch them staring from the far off, distant moon

Now this is a true story and you know just what I think?
The  Holy Great Spirit had a hand in this thing
For though that rainbow trout was all we'd see for many weeks
It seemed as if every bite was an 8 course meal or feast

Fish in the morning, fish every noon,
Fish in the evening and after school
Fish oil for rubbing all of your aches,
Fish for whatever ailed
It was dried, it was baked, it was dried and we ate
Fish every meal all thru the month of May

I Was Made For Love

Written By: Becky Thomas

I was made for love, I was made to be loved
I was made to know my God intimately
In You I find my breath, my movement and my being
In You I find the streams of life everflowing

Worthy are You Lord,
to be completely Yours is the reason
I was created
So come and take the scroll,
This fabric of my soul,
May it unfold the way You perceived it long ago

I was made to be the bearer of Your majesty
I was made to shine with Your light and glory
In You I find my life, purpose and dignity
To see You face to face my God in intimacy

No High Like The Most High

Written By: Barry Medley

There is no high like the Most High
Shining like a beacon in the middle of a night sky
There is no drug like my Father's love
There is no high like the Most High

I'm a Jesus junkie, I just can't get enough
I get intoxicated just soaking in His love
When I'm feeling low I know just what to do
I drink from your cup Lord, and get high on you

When I'm all alone and I'm feeling lost
I lay down my burdens at the foot of the cross
I don't need no pills, Lord
And I don't need a brew
All I really need is a little more of you!

You Are My Passion

Written By: Becky Thomas

We've shared many sunsets these past 50 years
Laughed, fought, we've prayed and shed a vial of tears
Held each other close thru many rainy nights
And made memories enough to paint the sky

And you, you are my passion
You are the vision that I am clinging to
You, you are the reason
I am believing love will stand the test of time
Our love was made to last a whole lifetime

I can still remember when we first met
The twinkle in your eye, the lightness in my step
And like a little seed that's planted by a stream
Our love has grown into a family tree

And I know more than to think some lucky star
For the love that we have shared poured out
From Creator's heart

Native Lord's Prayer

Written By: music by Becky Thomas

Our Father in heaven, holy is Your Name
Your kingdom come, your will be done on the earth
Just like in heaven, oh Lord, just like in heaven

Give us our daily bread and forgive our sins
As we have forgiven all those who've sinned against us
And lead us not into temptation
Deliver us from Satan

Yours is the Kingdom, the power, the glory forever
Yours is the Kingdom, the power, the glory forever
Yours is the Kingdom, the power, the glory forever!

She Walked Upon the Water

Written By: Becky Thomas

Born a Cree woman she married a Sekani man
Made moccasins for our feet and graced this Dene land

She and some children were trapping on the line
Down the Ingenika River, surrounded by the pine
The boat turned over and they all fell out
But she saved the boys and the boat too
And walked upon the water, she walked upon the water
She walked upon the water, she walked upon the water

Then one day a sickness stole my Grandma away
In a coffin set on stilts she was buried the Sekani way
Her body disappeared though the tribe stood watch night and day
And she left behind her grave clothes, she left behind her grave clothes
She left behind her grave clothes, she left behind her grave clothes

She followed the steps of the Son of Man,
When He bid her come she gave Him her hand

And walked upon the water, she walked upon the water
She walked upon the water, she walked upon the water

Creator Healer

Written By: Becky Thomas

He was trapping on the line and saw a vision of his home
No fire in the chimney though the air was crisp and cold
And so he peered into the room where his wife and daughter lay
His wife was sick and the baby didn't move

And so he hurried thru the forest hoping he was not too late
Running and praying, he became strong in the faith
And when he finally arrived he marched right into his home
Without wasting anytime he commanded that disease to go

And his wife stood up and the baby gasped and by the end of the hour
Vera had cooked a meal while Deanna laughed and said, "Daddy come and play"!
And Billy praised his God for another miracle that day

Creator Healer healed us today
Abba our healer hears us when we pray
Creator Healer healed us today
Yehowah Healer heard me when I prayed

Then when Erica was two sickness visited again
Filled her lungs with pneumonia, there were few hours left to wait
Vera held her to her heart while daddy went outside to pray,
"My Lord, Creator, must I lose this child today?"

Then a voice spoke to him clearly, "Build a covering with some boughs.
Make a fire, get a tub of water. Take twelve stones from the river and then put them in the water and bring your wife and child inside. Let the lodge grow hot as the rocks release their steam.

And when their daughter's lungs cleared, they praised the Lord again,
"Father thank You for another miracle today!"

Go To The City

Written By: Becky Thomas

When I was young I had a vivid dream
Of a cousin who had passed some years ago
He pulled me from my bed, or so it seemed
Whether in or out of body, I don't know

We looked out on the village fast asleep
But I was terrified my cousin was a ghost
Georgie, take me home, but he said, "Please,
I am lost and scared and don't know where to go".

When I turned my head to the right
I saw a city made of light
Shining in the distance like a beacon thru the night

Georgie, go to the city
Make for the city of light
And it will be alright
For it's the Creator's light
that makes the city shine bright
I'll meet you in the city in time

And so my cousin, Georgie made his peace
And left me by my window, illumined with the moon
A picture he'd commit to memory
And there I woke, remembering him too

And I offered up this prayer,
"Jesus, please take special care
And greet my cousin, Georgie,
in Your city way up there!"

Georgie, go to the city
Make for the city of light
And you will be alright
For it's the Creator's light
that makes the city shine bright
I'll meet you in the city in time

Go to the city, make for the city of light
And you will be alright
And when the Creator calls
We'll unite in His hall
I'll meet you in the city in time
Go to the city tonight
I'll meet you in the city and it'll be alright


In 2007, Becky Thomas released an independent solo debut, "I Delight In You", thru Pocketwatch Records, which garnered her four Covenant award nominations from the Canadian Gospel Music Association, including 2 for best aboriginal song (Spirit Way and Heal the Land), 1 for best country/bluegrass song (No HIgh Like The Most High), and 1 for best aboriginal album.

In August 2010, Thomas released her sophomore recording, "Sacred Ground" thru Turtle Island Music. This album is a return to her Gospel and Appalachian roots and features eight original songs and five hymns from her childhood, including a Cherokee translation of "How Great Thou Art". "Sacred Ground" tracks "I Was Made For Love" and "You Are My Passion" have been featured on CTV's "Indigenous Circle". "I Was Made For Love", "Uncloudy Day" and "There's Healing In Your Name" have been enjoying radio airplay in Canada and Australia. "I Was Made For Love" secured her 2011 NAMA win for Best Female Artist.

On December 3, 2010 Thomas released "Miracles of the North", thru her own record label, StorySong Productions. Becky co-produced this album with Malcolm Petch of Pocketwatch Records and Escape Artist Music and Motion.
"Elsie's Grizzly Bear" and "We Are Sekani" have been featured on radio, and "God of the Moose" was nominated for Best Aboriginal Song in Canada's Covenant Awards.

Set List

This depends on my audience. Here is an example of a set I would do that is mixed (ie all ages)
Celebrate Life - country/dance mix
2. No High Like The Most High - country upbeat
3. The Spirit Way - aboriginal upbeat
4. God of The Moose - upbeat blues, aboriginal story song
5. Fish Every Morning - country, story song
6. This Is My Father's World - gospel hymn, upbeat
7. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus - gospel hymn upbeat
8. Creator Healer - rocky aboriginal story song
9. Go To The City - ballad, tear jerker
10. I Know The Plans - aboriginal drum song, teach to people - closing